What is a good entry-level job?

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Practically any job that doesn't need experience... There's entry level jobs available in most all fields...

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Where should I look for my first graphic design job?

I'm a recent graduate from a 2yr program in Visual Communications. Trying to get an entrylevel job, but everywhere is asking for experience. How can I get experience if no one will even look at my resume.


I have been there before, and still have not got a job. You should start doing an internship, that is...

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What's a good way for a job-hunter to decide between studying, creating samples, selling online, doing part-time work, begging, and other activities?

Many job-hunters face this situation. For creative renaissance-soul types who could work in any of several fields, it's worse. Let me illustrate the question with this abstract scenario: Generic Abstract Scenario I have several hot job prospects.  Job...


To actually and really take some totally free time out of their life and start thinking, turn some engines...

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what's a good job for someone who isn't great at anything?

College senior here. What's a good job for someone that really isn't that good at anything? Longtime lurker, first time asker. I'm about to start my senior year in college as a Communications major and I feel so behind. I have no clue what I want to...


Don't worry about being "incredibly talented" - just look at the things you have a knack for...

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I lost my job, What is a good job I should consider now?...please help? :/?

I landed an awesome job as a bank teller when I was 18, (i'm 19 now) and in june I was laid off, and the bank i worked for closed. I was completely devastated because I loved my job and I felt so lucky to have a good job like that at my age. I collected...


hop online and search for your nearest tech college then find their nursing assistant program and sign...

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What are the advantages of having a good job description and a good job specification?

what are the advantages of having a good job description and a good job specification. What are the disadvantages of having a poor job description and a poor job specification. This ...show more


Advantages: -Hiring managers won`t have to waste as much time reviewing applicants who aren`t what they...

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What would be a good job?

I am currently in High School, and thinking of a good job. I am constantly changing my mind about what job I could get. I have thought about being a Airline Pilot or a Lawyer. I would also like to get a job that would benefit my country the U.S. Like...


There is always a good demand in the I.T. industry. It is also well paying.

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How do I find someone who can give me a better job in other countries when I am really good at what I do?

TL;DR - How do I find someone who can offer me a better job in any first world country like US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, or also maybe like Dubai, Singapore or how do I find someone who can offer me a telecommute job? If I am really good at Web...


Get involved in open source. Most companies build their infrastructure and products using FOSS components...

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