What is a good entry job for a marketing degree?

Let’s learn what is a good entry job for a marketing degree. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What is a good entry level job for someone with a Bachelors' degree in marketing and international business?

i graduated from CSUS in may 2006. I have very little job experience and experiencing difficulties finding a job. I have no choice but to look for a entry level job. Does anyone ...show more


Unfortunately, you have a degree in an area that by many standards is considered "saturated"...

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An advertising apprenticeship would be a good entry level job for a Marketing major.

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I accepted a job position that doesn't require a college degree, is this a good idea?

I graduated early from college in December 2010 with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing.I graduated with a 3.24 gpa, and kept busy running track on a scholarship and playing club rugby. I have also been working at a grocery...


You are going to want to hear this but everyone is in this predicament so do not worry. But indeed it...

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What entry-level Clean Tech jobs are available for a new marketing graduate?

I just graduated with a marketing degree in the San Francisco Bay Area. I know that the clean tech industry is active in the area and I am looking to get an entry-level marketing job. ...show more



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Career Advice: What are the most attainable entry-level roles for recent college graduates in today's job market?

Since graduating American University in May 2012 I have not been able to secure a solid entry-level job. My interests have shifted to marketing, advertising, and branding strategy, which is where I've focused my networking. However jobs in the industry...


First of all, job hunting sucks.  A lot depends on you, but I've found that it helps me to find jobs...

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How can i get a job in marketing?

i have a degree but it's not in marketing, it is in media. i can't seem to get a job, even an entry-level job. i have no experience and i can't get experience because no ...show more


I don't know your situation, but how have you graduated college without at least two internships? Now...

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Which degree is better for a job in Marketing.?

i want to have a good job in marketing i know the highest is marketing director which is hard to get up to and that u start as a marketing ***. would a degree in administration and concentration in marketing be better or a degree in marketing? i know...


Usually the best thing to do if you don't know what degree to pursue is talk to a councilor or academic...

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Please help...how can an ASIAN wt a US marketing master degree get a job in London?(serious answers please)?

I'm doing my marketing master degree in New York but my boyfriend works in London, it's killing me because I miss him so much everyday. There's no other way for us to stay together unless I find a job in London after I graduate, and I'll finish my degree...


The first thing you will need before even considering getting a job is a work permit, so have a look...

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Help Me Get This Awesome Entry-Level Marketing Job!

I know I'd be an excellent fit and have similar experience to the job listing. I've worked for the experiential marketing company through which they're recruiting for and I did really well on my first program, earning two top incentives and a really...


These are my preliminary edits/advice. (I work in marketing btw. My LinkedIn is linked in my profile...

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