Is it hard to get a job with a marketing degree?

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Wall Street jobs are less about your degree and more about: 1. Your ability to learn complex information...

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Please can an ASIAN wt a US marketing master degree get a job in London?(serious answers please)?

I'm doing my marketing master degree in New York but my boyfriend works in London, it's killing me because I miss him so much everyday. There's no other way for us to stay together unless I find a job in London after I graduate, and I'll finish my degree...


The first thing you will need before even considering getting a job is a work permit, so have a look...

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Can you have a Marketing Degree and get a job in Investment Banking?

I know, it would be better to do accounting, finance, or economics, but does anyone with knowledge of investment banking know if someone with a marketing degree still get a job in more


Even investment banking requires marketing.You can try for a job in investment banks.But mostly marketing...

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What kind of job can i get with a Marketing Degree?

i plan on getting a degree in buisness commerce marketing. to be honest, im not sure what i want to do. what could i do with a bachelors in marketing?


companies need you to try and sell their product,,, not a bad degree if you are not good at math and...

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What kind of job can I get with a business Management & Marketing diploma & Marketing degree?

I'm almost done my degree and I would like to know what type of jobs are out there.


Here in UK you could get a basic admin job with a marketing degree because unemployment is so high and...

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What kind of job could I get utilizing my bachelor's degree in Marketing and an Associates degree in Vet tech?

I have always wanted to be a veterinarian, but I changed my major to marketing due to chemistry difficulties. I am almost finished with my bachelor's; I am wondering what I could more


An associates in Vet Tech is not going to get you much in terms of a vet-type job. At best you'll be...

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I want to go to college for a marketing/business degree but i want to be able to get a job.?

I don't want to go to school and spend all the money for a degree i can't use, i have a cosmetology license and want to add on to it with a marketing/business degree, but will more


need to investigated about this and contact with alumni student they advise you proper

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Can I get a job in advertising or marketing without any related degree's?

Would like to get in, and work my way into the position. What type of job titles?.. I am good at this.. I have a degree in Nursing.. but love advertising and do it on the side for more


its tough. i have a related degree and it was tough. use your degree to your advantage and make it work...

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What kind of job can I get with a degree in marketing?

I am currently taking pre-req's for marketing degree.


There's many different subsets of Marketing: Advertising, Public Relations, Branding, Sales, Communications...

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What job could you get if you have a Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing degree?

I want to have a major in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, what jobs would i be able to get?


first of all, you should decide what you want to do and then your major based on that...not the other...

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