How hard is it to find a job with a marketing degree?

Let’s learn how hard is it to find a job with a marketing degree. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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My wife has a degree in marketing but is struggling to find a job.can anyone advise?

her first language is spanish but she can speak english and write very well.she has to work in a mobile phone shop and this gets her very upset every night as she spent many years at more


Instead of looking for marketing jobs she should start looking for jobs as a secretary to marketing...

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It depends on your experience and where you live geographically. I'm having a terrible time finding...

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I am 51, in sales and marketing, and have a BS degree. How to find a $70K job in Sac. CA area?

I have an imputed income from 2006 (devorce). Based on it I pay $2,900 a month (after tax) between insurance and support. I need to find a job that pays in this economy--$70,000 a more

Answer:, pulls from alot of other job sites and you can do your city search.

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I need to find a job within the marketing industry, I have a Ba Hons degree and 3 weeks work experience in DM.?

I need links, networking or anyone with knowledge that can help me find a decent paid job in marketing with the potential to develop my knowledge further. I am 23 yr old female and more


Lots of results here & you can search by city or state.

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Why can't I find a steady job when I have a college degree in Communcations/Marketing?

I graduated in 2002. I got laid off after 10 months with one marketing agency because they lost a major client. Then I had a job for a year where there was no room to professionally more


As I read the answers before me, I think back to my past clients, similar in nature to you - young,...

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I have a marketing degree and i'm having a hard time finding a job. what's the best way to find one?

I've tried craigslist, monster,, 2 staffing agencies, etc. with little to no luck. What am I doing wrong? I live in san diego where unemployment is 12%. what's the more


I've partnered with a Health and Wellness Company - I do the marketing and advertising for them. I work...

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Is it easy to find a job after doing a marketing degree?

Hey, I really need some useful advise! Im going to University next year and im really stuck on what degree to do. I originally wanted to do Law. This subject has always interested me more


Marketing would be better. There is a surplus of lawyers. Of course who say what job market will be...

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Your best bet, honestly, is to get an internship.  It's a hard time with the economy now, and the...

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A friend of mine got a well paid marketing position at a Fortune 1000 company by doing a lot of marketing...

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The best way is to see an employment agency. They will help assess your talents and find you a suitable...

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