Could I get into Advertising with a Marketing degree?

Let’s learn could I get into Advertising with a Marketing degree. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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What Can You Do With a Marketing Degree? | Top Universities

... What can you do with a marketing degree? Get ready to ... into the future of marketing ... a small or large advertising agency, or in the marketing ...

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Can you get into the "creative" side of marketing/advertising with a marketing degree?

I'm going to start college soon, and I'm most interested in the creative side of marketing, art direction, copywriting, et cetera. By that same token, I'm also interested in the more


I work as an advertising manager in a global marketing company. I went to college for media & marketing...

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Can I get a job in advertising or marketing without any related degree's?

Would like to get in, and work my way into the position. What type of job titles?.. I am good at this.. I have a degree in Nursing.. but love advertising and do it on the side for more


its tough. i have a related degree and it was tough. use your degree to your advantage and make it work...

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How can I get into marketing or advertising with an English degree?

Hi, I currently have a bachelor's in English / Language Arts and Secondary Education. I've heard how difficult it is to get a job with a degree in English, but I thought more


See there are several marketing mediums like SEO, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Market Research, Database...

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You can apply for any of the following jobs: Marketing Research Associate, Product Manager, Account...

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A college degree in advertising generally includes academic training in the creative or visual aspects...

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A great part time job is doing Free Surveys Online. Its a Fast, Easy and simple way to make extra money...

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What kind of job could I get with major in business concentration in marketing and a minor in advertising?

I'm just curious what specific jobs people with a degree like that get? Like I would like to go into advertising, and I figure the marketing goes well with it


Hi! Marketing business will definitely suits you. And you can do marketing research for assessing what...

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How do I get a job in an advertising agency?

I recently graduated with a degree in business and a minor in economics in spring. I've been working at a small firm doing online marketing since May. I want to land a job in a marketing and advertising agency. I love the strategy that surrounds marketing...


Experience is what everyone looks for first, so if you can get an internship at an agency that would...

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Marrakech Morocco, Job prospects in Marketing and Advertising for a recent London graduate?

Have just come back from Marrakech, my third visit in 3 years, and I really love that city. Just wanted to know what the job prospects are in the Marketing and Advertising industry in Marrakech, I have a feeling these jobs are mostly found in Casablanca...


if u want those kind of jobs n u wanna get paid good ;;;u need to stay in london;;;;;unless your dream...

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