What is a good video camera for short films?

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What is the best video camera for short films?

I'm planning on making some amateur short films and I want either a really good video camera, or a really good camera that films as well. I know it's more practical to get a camera that includes filming rather than a video camera that just films but quality matters over "quantity" for me right now. Also, I'm looking for something under $700. I know that's pretty low, but I don't have enough money right now to be splurging on something too nice unfortunately. So, what is a good CAMERA or...


Perhaps...U may wanna CHECK these out, E'....:) HOPEFULLY...U'll find some good Tips+Advices here What...

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What is a good video camera for making short films?

I'm looking for a video camera to record in 720p so I can make short films. I plan on adding special effects so it must have clear quality, and my budget is $300 or less. What do ...show more


Sanyo VPC-FH1A Full HD Video and 8 MP Digital Photos http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002Q4V... Review...

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What's a good video camera for really short films, that's under 400 dollars?

I want to short ten minute films and small things like that. It's a beginner hobby and I need help finding a camera. Thank you!


http://simplevideoediting.com/learn/part… http://simplevideoediting.com/learn/part… Consumer...

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What equipment and type of HD video camera is good for short films and videos in general?

I would just like to know, what are some 'not too expensive' HD video camera models I could buy, along with lighting and any extra equipment. And if you know prices that would ...show more


What is your budget? A Nikon D3200 is a very nice little camera. As far as lighting goes, do not buy...

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What would you recommend as the best video camera to start out making short films?

I intend to make arty, realistic films and I'm not a technical genius..is there a particular brand or even a particular camera that would be most recommended for starting off in ...show more


Consumer level HD camcorders have 3 problems. 1) Blurry, fuzzy, out of focus areas closely around people...

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Please set your expectations. There are many reasons "professional" camcorders start at about...

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Looking for a Video Camera for Filming Short Films?

Hi, I have a budget of $900 and I'm looking for a video camera that will be used for mainly making short films with my friends. Also, I'll be filming alot of daily stuff just for fun. If you could recommend a few cameras I should look into, that'd be...


go to panasonic

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Cheap video camera to make short films on?

I don't have much money, but im passionate about films and want to attempt to make some short movies that actually look quite good and are easy to edit on a computer, advice on ...show more


Love this question Research FLIP camcorders and do NOT listen to what anyone says badly about them ...

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What's the best digital video camera to use to shoot films for YouTube?

I'm about to produce a series of short films for YouTube, and wondering which digital video camera is best for this kind of project.


any of the canons are good my suggestion go to yahoo shopping digital cameras digital camera GUIDE be...

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I want a semi-pro HD video camera for short films/art projects/cinematic practice, under £1000, which is best?

I have £1000 to spend on a video camera but have no idea what I'm really looking for! I'm thinking of going to study at film school, and want a gadget to mess around with on ...show more


Sony HDRXR520VE High Definition Handycam Camcorder is a very good camcorder to get. - Full HD 1920 x...

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