What's a good video camera for about 150-200?

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What is the best digital camera kicking about for gigs at the minute?

im after a new camera after my mam got me a pants one for my birthday, i go to a lot of gigs and festivals and like to take videos too so realistically im looking for one with hd video, good zoom and quality pictures, i have recently looked at the coolpix s6100, and realistically not looking to spend between more than 150-200 but a bargain would be great haha any help would be appreciated


Pentax Optio S1. 150$ and pentax is my personal favorite camera company. Elegant design with an ultra...

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Whats the difference between a consumer video camera and a professional video camera?

Whats the difference between a consumer video camera like the sony trv models and the professional sony cameras?


One is made by the home electronics division in China, designed by the Home Electronics division in...

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Whats a good camera/video camera?

I need a camera that can fit into my pocket, can take a picture of someone jumping like in mid air, also it needs to take 1080p video at like 60 fps and at 720p at 30fps i want it to not have like blurry video. im willing to spend alot just not more...


I have a sony TX7. It's pretty sweet; 10 megapixels, but since it's small that's all you need. It takes...

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Whats wrong with the Canon MD120 PAL Video Camera? Grey strip lines and pixels on the screen~!~ ASASAP!!?

Okay, I got a Canon video camera with me, and its 4 years old. The video camera, when I want to watch something, the screen, I saw strips on the screen and pixel boxes on my screen. Whys that! Can you help me? Thank you and its a family camera!


Have you dropped you camera? How long have you had it? Usually on a canon cameras their LCD screens...

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How do I watch whats on a mini DV tape with no video camera?

I made a video on a friends video camera years ago and I still have the mini DV tape but I don't know how to watch it since I don't have a video camera. What do I do?


google video transfer or borrow a friends camera again and download it to your pc, there is no adapter...

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Whats an awesome HD video camera?

hey so i post acoustic covers on youtube and i was just wondering...whats an amaaziingg video camera that would be good for this. Im just using my built in computer webcam and its not working too well. Oh and aslo, please dont say flip video camera because...


Awesome site below, might help you out.

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Whats the Best Video Camera?

ok so im looking for a new camera because the one i have now is getting old and its not working as well as it use to so what would you say is the best(and cheap please!) camera? please don't tell me to get a flip because that is the camera im trying...


I would recommend Canon FS200 Flash Memory Camcorder with 37x Optical Zoom Record video directly to...

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Whats the best video camera under 80 dollars?

I was wondering this because I need a new camera after my old iFlip camera broke. It was old. I want to know the best video camera out there for under 80 dollars. I would prefer to have it high quality and great zoom. And a great microphone. I would...


http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002R5A… None. $80 is not enough to get a camera where you won...

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Whats a good cheap video camera?

Okay I'm looking for a video or digital camera that takes good videos. I'm want a camera with good clearness and zoom for snowboarding. Me and my friends are going to make some sponsor videos and need a good camera but don't really want to spend big...


http://www.squidoo.com/camcordersunder20… i think this should meet your needs.

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Whats a better, a sony cybershot digital camera or a flip video camera?

i want to noe which is better so i can video tape me and my jerk/dance crew . can some one help? which one has a better quality of sound, performance? and jus looks gud on youtube. like image/video quality.


For video I would really recommend the Flip Ultra HD. I have been using it for a few videos ( http:...

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