What is a good video quality to convert to?

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What is the fastest and best way to convert an rmvb video to mp4/mkv without losing any quality?

The file will be played in a Popbox3D. My old method was to convert the video using vidcoder (an offshoot of handbrake) using normal settings, but I've recently confirmed that this significantly reduces video and audio quality. I bumped up the conversion quality to 'high profile' and this produced a higher quality video but raised the conversion time to about twice the video length (95 minutes to convert a 45 minute video) on a Core2Duo laptop. This is less than ideal when a large number of videos...


Transcoding (what you want to do) can be tricky in terms of quality because of how the program decodes...

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What's a best way to convert video files to the smallest size but good quality?

I have an Ipod nano and i wanna put videos on it but most of my files that i convert (that are 10 minutes) end up being 90 mb but i want the files to be smaller. Is there a way to di this? Im using SUPER to do this, so what widths/sizes/scales schould...


The easiest solution I've found for converting files for iPod playback is WinFF. It is much smaller...

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Hey I’m trying to convert my mp4 video to Flv format. The program I’m using is suck because every time I convert the video the quality is horrible. The question I have is there any ...show more


yes, you can. download this video converter software http://goo.gl/oMpKNB

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How do you convert your iMovie HD video into a video for youtube with good quality?

I uploaded my video from my Macbook on iMovie HD directly, but it couldn't convert it on youtube. I then converted it to Quicktime, Full Quality, but it's taking tooo long. I ...show more


Here I would like to recommend a Mac Video Converter. It can convert videos among popular formats and...

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What video format should I convert my .flv videos to make it look like better quality?

So I download a few .flv videos off popular streaming sites like Youtube etc. I want them to be in a DVD. But first off, which video format should I convert my flv before I convert it ...show more


1. You can't reencode a video to a better quality than the source video itself (i.e. the flv file)....

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I have recorded video on VHS, what is the best way to convert it to DVD format and restore best quality?

I have recorded another part in Hi8. Please suggest best and inexpensive ways to convert it to DVD's best quality to edit it on computer.


I just converted my (800+ tapes) VHS and (552 tapes) Beta libraries to DVD. I used a Panasonic tabletop...

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wmv or mpg this will help you... Use 'zillatube' - it gives you good quality video/audio , and more...

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Good video convertor for mp4 to avi.,which should convert with out affecting the quality, and size?

I tried magix video convertor with the same configuration of the parent file with size 700mb but the output size came as 2.4GB.


You can try VideoMax Free Video Converter at free-star.org or CNET. http://www.google.com/search?hl...

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What file format should I convert .wlmp to not lose video quality?

I tried .wmv but the video looks grainy. Any recommendations?


H.264 HD video. DVD to ipad converter can help you do the conversion.

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Is there a way to convert standard RCA video quality up to S-Video quality?

I was wanting to know if it's possible to convert a standard yellow video rca jack to S-video quality. I know you can buy adaptors but it doesn't change the quality. is ...show more


The simple answer is that you cannot restore an RCA/composite video source to an S-Video quality signal...

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