What is a great video camera to use at a concert?

Let’s learn what is a great video camera to use at a concert. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by digital-photography-school.com.

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Concert Photography: Choosing the Best Camera Settings ...

Concert Photography: Choosing the Best Camera ... NB2030 if you want to start your career as a concert photographer the best is to ... 2 Video Tips for Using the ...


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If you can get a microphone for your digital camera, it might sound better than your on-board mic. Good...

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as long as the athourities let u.

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That depends on what kind of concert it is. If in doubt, ask those putting on the concert. They tend...

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Check out some the Canon offerings, consumer DV cams are pretty cheap starting at about $200 and will...

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Digital camera & video help, please!?

I recently got a Kodak Z5010 camera (Yes, I know there are better cameras, I have one. But, I wanted something that wasn't too expensive or too big that I can just toss in my purse & not worry if it gets trashed or not - NOT that I want it getting...


2) Kindle Fire uses MP4 format. Not sure if others are supported, but I've converted some video files...

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HELP on choosing my HD video camera please...?

i need to purchase an HD video camera. the only problem is i need a built in audio input/output on the camera. i need this because i am recording in a small concert studio and the audio that the camera records in horrible, so i use the audio from the...


Panasonic HDC-TM10K Hard Drive Full HD Camcorder (Black) * Captures 1080p HD video * Super-compact design...

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Is Flip Video camera good for a concert?

I'm thinking of buying a Flip Video Camera. I want to use it for a concert I'm going to. I have some questions: 1) Which Flip Video camera is the best? 2) How good is the sound and image quality? 3) How long will the battery last? 4) How long can you...


You need a lesson on camcorder microphones. The standard Consumer level camcorder, HD or SD Microphones...

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I'm looking for a good video camera for my website. Help!?

Right now I use a pretty basic video camera for my work. I run a website where I interview bands, do CD reviews and concert reviews. You can check out the quality of the video work ...show more


Your correct about having an external mic feature. Also look for reviews of cameras that handle low...

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Is there a video chat app that back-facing camera phones can use?

I only have one camera, and that's in the back. I see that a lot of apps only use the back-facing camera on dual camera phones, so why not work on single camera phones that use only one camera anyways? I don't have enough money to buy a new phone or...


Fring I know works with 1 camera phones. Try that.

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