What is a legal way to hand out flyers?

Let’s learn what is a legal way to hand out flyers. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Unique way to hand out flyers?

Me and some friends are going to be handing out some flyers for a compitition and we are really stuck on some unique ways on how to do this, we've blown up some big posters and ...show more


If you see parents with kids, you've got to give the flyers to the kids. They don't say "No I don...

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Place a advertisement in your local newspaper.

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Hand made flyer vs. flyer made on a computer?

I am having a horrible time trying to make a flyer on my computer. Apparently my pictures are too big and resizing them isn't helping. So I was thinking of using scrapbook material to make a flyer by hand, gluing the pictures to it and then having it...


Worked prior to the 80s. see they call it cut and paste, because it used to be done with actual cutting...

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What's the correct way of doing hand-over-hand steering?

I'm just starting to learn how to drive and I really want to get everything down correctly. I looked up the hand-over-hand method but my sources say different things. Some say the hands should be at 9 and 3, others say 10 and 2. Some say you should do...


The 9 and 3 AND the 8 and 4 are for cars with airbags. My company's safe driving trainer mentioned this...

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practice makes perfect

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Left hand turn / one-way stop collision - who is at fault?

This involves a two-way road. My lane split into two- a left turn lane and a straight lane (no stop sign), so there were actually three lanes at the site of the collision. The opposing lane has a stop sign to allow the people who are making the aforementioned...


I would call the police and explain the company refuses to pay even though the accident was blatantly...

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Does the way in which a road is constructed favour left-hand side or right-hand side driving?

Some countries have right-hand side driving while some others have left-hand side driving. Is there something different in the way roads are constructed in different countries?


With the possible exception of pavement section strength requirements, there is no difference. The road...

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What companies are in need of someone to hand out flyers in San Antonio TX ?

I am seeking employment to hand out flyers in San Antonio TX What companies are in need in San Antonio TX ?


I bet a lot of Income Tax Companies will need this service beginning Jan. 2. Also bars and nightclubs...

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Can I Hand Out Protest Flyers In School?

Pretty much self explanatory.. I go to a high school, wondering if I can hand out some flyers.


Not without permission from the school. You could, however, pass them out off of school property.

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