What is a legal gateway?

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Well since this is in the "computer Networking" section, a gateway is the Router that is the...

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What would you prefer? an HP or GATEWAY?

Ive been looking for a new desktop pc for a while and i finaly came down to these two. The HP pavilion a6567c and the gateway GM5643e. They both have the same processors. but i dont know weather i would like 7.1 sound in the gateway or 8 in the hp, or...


HP more support

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What is better HP, Dell or Gateway? I have owned a HP Pavillion 8660C for 10 1/2 yrs now & it never broke down?

Hi, my mom bought me a Gateway DX4710-09 its an all in one combo package deal (the tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse & a canon all in 1 printer) however my brother said he owned a Gateway Desktop and after 4 yrs the motherboard went out on it..now...


Ten years is a long time to own a computer. After 5 years you are running a dinosaur. If it lasts past...

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The RBI mandates that no private company can make a payment gateway. Only bank can offer payment gateways...

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3 units conected to 1 switch and have the same subnet mask & defualt gateway:what is mostly likely the problm?

Based on observations, what can be deduced about the following results taken from three computers connected to one switch? Computer 1 IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: Computer 2 IP Address: 192.168....


First, what kind of operating system are you running on computer 1,2, and 3? Assuming that you have...

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What are the cheapest and secure payment gateway services available for card and netbanking payments in India and have ability to accept international payments (Currecy concersion and all)?

We have a website which involve online payments. From basic research what I have understood is that we have to integrate third part payment gateway with our website. But I am not very clear about how this all work. When I pay online I get to see payment...


PayU is providing reliable infrastructure and plan with different set up fees and different transactional...

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What is the sms gateway for MTC Touch in Lebanon?

I want to text my girlfriend in Lebanon but my carrier won't allow it. I can send to email, so I want to find out her carriers sms gateway. She uses MTC Touch and I can't find their sms gateway format anywhere! mine is number@txt.att.net, but I can't...



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What is he difference between a modem and a gateway?!?

ok u c i just got a wireless gateway and from wut i understand a gateway has a router and a modem all in one....so when i connect it i just plug my phone line to my gateway and configure it and then it works, or do i need to buy a modem...plz HELP


Whoops, I've revised my answer ("brett_86" is correct): What brand is it? Apple Airport product...

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Marijuana(Addicted, Gateway, The Mind, Legal & Alcohol)?

Can someone be psychically addicted to weed? Should it be legal, and why? Is it worse or better then alcohol? Is it a gateway drug? Can it kill you and how?


I doubt anyone can be physically addicted to anything. Most people are mentally addicted to drugs including...

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What is gateway?

What is gateway? go to start select run type cmd click ok on the dos mode type ipconfig and you will see default gateway what is that & is there any website that tell more clearly about this subject?


Gateway, in networking technology, is a node that serves as an entrance to another network, and vice...

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