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  Yes.  The people who designed this car certainly would know.

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Does Rf values change if a different solution is used?

this is comapred to say petroleum ether and some other solvent in a chromotgraphy lab


Yes, Rf values are dependent on solvent used, TLC plate material, and even temperature.

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What is the Rf value for plant pigments using a petroleum ether/acetone solvent in paper chromatography?

I am doing a science fair project using four plant leaves and a petroleum ether/acetone solvent solution. I need to know what the ratio should be (I've seem some 4:1, is that the best mixture?) and I also need to know the general rf values for plant...


At 4:1 you are very close to the immiscibility index for acetone, petroleum ether mixtures. I would...

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How do I connect two(2) RF cables to a TV with only one(1) RF input?

My 50" sony TV died and it had two(2) RF inputs and two(2) built in tuners; OTA and Basic Cable. Sony is offering "discounted" replacement TV's but they only have one RF input (allegedly still with two internal tuners!?!) How do I connect...


A/B Switch but you can only use one at a time and will have to auto program the channels every time...

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RF to RF with Audio & Video?

I have connected to RF out of DTH Set Top Box to RF in of TV Tuner to get Audio/Video from said Set Top Box. I could get Video but can not get Audio. Same type of connection is done to my another TV, it works well with Audio and Video. Why it is happening...


You should get video and AUDIO with your setup. RF is a modulated signal that, if present at the source...

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Filter Channel 3/4 and inject signal with RF modulator?

I want to cheaply distribute a video signal in my house using the coaxial cable from the cable system. I see that there are expensive systems to do this, usually using a notch filter for cable channel 78 or so and an expensive RF modulator box to inject...


Yes it absolutely will work...The only problem is that the elimination filter MUST do a good job of...

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Rf Value Please Help!!!?

My lab partner never gave me the filter paper back so I need to know the Rf value of orange, green, red and black ink after 20 minutes in solution. The filter paper was stood up in the solution and was measured by centimeters. I don't have the materials...



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Need help with RF ID project?

Okay, I'm setting up a warehouse (30 M x 50 M) that is going to be made of steel and concrete but I also want inside the minimum RF abosortion using a dipole antenna, the minimum loss I will accept is 15% in the worst case but to also be able to read...


u have 2 use a infared barz coderz scannzer fromz the makerz of the scanezr

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How much RF radiation is emited by a CAT 5/5e cable?

I was concerned about radiation that comes out of wireless routers, so I use an wired solution to connect to internet. No I realize the cable also emits RF radiation. If I switch to a ...show more


You'll get a billion times more radiation from walking around outside than from your wifi router. The...

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What is the RF In for in Tata Sky Plus?

In Tata Sky Plus User Manual, RF In and RF Out are defined as: RF In: To connect RF cable from your cable / terrestrial signal. RF Out: To connect an RF to your TV's RF input or TVlink extension module (enabling of TVlink option would be required) While...


It is for a cable or antenna signal you receive. It allows you to put your DTH receiver into bypass...

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