What is angina and how do you know if it's not a heart attack?

Let’s learn what is angina and how do you know if it's not a heart attack. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What is the difference between a heart attack and Angina ?

How do you know if you are having a heart attack or it's just "Angina" ?


Angina and heart attacks are both severe forms of chest pain associated with the heart muscle being...

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Angina is incipient heart attack. That is, it is the pain of the cardiac muscle being starved of oxygen...

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How do you know when your having a heart attack?

What I'm looking to find out is... what kind of pain is it and where? Is in the heart itself? Can it be in the surrounding area? Like off to the side, under the left arm? I'm having what seems to be like cramps or cramping from my heart area out to my...


The classic symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain that is pressure like and can be described...

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Is it possible to completely recover from Angina, atherosclerosis, or any other heart problems?

My girlfriend and have been having a really hard time lately, we're both worried that I'll have an early death. I'm 20 years of age, turning 21 Sept. 16th I weigh about 360 lb., I just recently quit smoking completely, but even the I would only smoke...


It is better to depend on proper medical advice from your personal doctor rather than get a querry answered...

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Why do i need outpatients appoint when tests for mild heart attack and angina attack came back clear?

My doctor suggested that i should go to A&E after i had reported that had felt unwell at work the day before. I had tight crushing pain in chest felt hot and clammy also felt sick and had a slight pain in left arm for a few Min's. When i arrived...


If you are having chest pains most primary care physicians will tell you to go to the hospital. After...

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How would I know if I have had permanent heart damage?

About year ago I smoked pot and used cocaine heavily. I also had panic attacks frequently. One night I did a massive line and my heart started beating crazy fast and hard- this caused me to panic and made it beat harder and faster. I had a panic attack...


Apparently a heart attack or other permanent heart damage will show up on an EKG, so you can tell your...

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Was this an Angina attack?

Im 21, male, close to underweight and normal blood pressure. Lived on McDonalds for 3 years straight but never gained weight due to my fast metabolism. Never played sports. Last September i had a strange 'episode' This is how it went. I was walking around...


a CT angiogram may help to alleviate the fear.Ask acardiologist's opinion.it is less invasive than coronary...

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If you have a heart attack does it mean you might die soon?

My grandad had a heart attack about 6 years ago .. hes getting a lot older now and is 79 .. he just got put into hospital and they arent sure if it's an angina or a heart attack. Either way, i'm really worried about him and i know hes got loads of other...


It's really impossible to say how much time he has left. At his age, he could go at any time. Or he...

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Heart attack?

My hubbie went to hosp yesterday for angina tests and they told him he had a heart attack three weeks ago. How is this possible? Can you have an mild heart attack and not even know about it?


It happens a lot....My cardio recomends daily aspirin and salmon oil capsules eat more fish

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What is a condition that mimics heart attack symptoms?

Not a heart attack, angina, gastro, or anxiety. EKG is clean. Symptoms were chest discomfort, lightheadedness, palpitations, nausea, elevated blood pressure. Just interested. Know someone who is stumped about this.



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