What is the Shopglw payment method?

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What is the Payment method on www.shopglw.com?

Western Union * Bank Wired Transfer *On-line Payment (Visa? or MasterCard? credit or debit card on-line Payment) IS the way pay pay on www.shopglw.com


Paypal and Visa or Mastercard.

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Paypal balance into bank account and still use a credit card as default payment method?

I've started selling things on ebay and I have a paypal balance that I want transferred to my bank account. But when I go to do it, paypal says "This bank account will become the default payment method for most of your transactions. You can change...


Paypal will do anything to try to keep your money. I believe there is an option for them to mail you...

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Is it acceptable to refuse payment if the payment method comes from an institution the seller doesn't like?

I was curious if it's legal for a person or business to refuse payment for something based on how they feel about the financial institution that provides the payment method. For example, if I'm selling my car, and I find a guy whose willing to pay me...


It is legal. Not very smart, but legal. As a seller, you are free to accept or reject any form of payment...

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Payment method declined on iTunes?

I'm 13 years old and I've been using my Visa Debit Card, on my iPod Touch, to purchase songs on iTunes for over a year now, and its worked fine. But, after I updated to iOS4, Apple wanted me to agree to the terms and conditions; I did. It then told me...


Ask your parents what your account balance is.

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Is Bill Me Later a safe payment method? Please someone help me out with this?

I wanted to know is Bill Me later a safe payment method because i was on Walmart's website and i wanted to buy some stuff online. And when thay ask which payment method do you want to use to buy the stuff it showed me the option of using Bill Me Later...


“Bill Me Later” is a service which is offered on many electronic retailers’ websites...

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Trying to buy a prepaid credit card from Yahoo Voice but it says problem with your payment method, try another

I have a Yahoo ID, am trying hard to buy a prepaid card of US $10 with my personal credit card, but the system says, Sorry, there is a problem with the payment method you are trying to use. Please use another payment method or contact Yahoo! Customer...


The expriation date is usually wrong. Check all info.

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What is this payment method: ECPSS Payment Gateway? is it safe or whatever?

i want to buy a pair of shoes from this link: http://www.picknikefootwear.com/nike-air-force-1-high-men-shoes-37-black-white-p-2499.html and the only payment method they offer is: ECPSS Payment Gateway. before i confirm my order i just want to know what...


I wouldn't buy anything from I site I have never heard of using a method I have also never heard of...

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Fastest payment method for clearing on ebay?

What is the best method of payment to clear that clears the fastest? I'm trying to buy my nephew a vita on ebay and his birthday is friday.. and well ive heard ebay takes a while unless you use the right payment. I have a debit card, no balance in my...


I believe if you already have a debit card set up in paypal then that would be the fastest way. If not...

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EBay change payment method?

After someone won the iPhone that I sell on eBay, the guy who buy it contact me and said can you add debit card to payment method? I only put PayPal, so how can I add debit card as a method after the item has been won? Is it possible to add it to the...


If you dont have a Premier or a Business account you cannot accept debit or credit cards. Buyer does...

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Amazon payment method problem?

I am trying to change my payment method on amazon. I clicked on the button 'change', next to 'Payment Method:', and clicked the radio button 'Enter a New Credit Card'. I selected 'Visa/Delta/Electron'. But there nowhere for me to enter the last three...


What "last three numbers?" Visa cards have 16 digits, and Amazon gives you 16 digits. If you...

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