What is the stimulus payment?

Let’s learn what is the stimulus payment. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by irs.gov.

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Economic Stimulus Payment Information Center

Most taxpayers who received the economic stimulus payment last year will not qualify for the recovery rebate credit on their 2008 federal income tax return.


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I haven't gotten an economic stimulus payment- last digits of SS# is 08- what's wrong??

Ok, I am beginning to get worried. My husband and I filed our taxes in mid Feb. and had no problems, we got our refund a few weeks later (direct deposit). It is now Sunday, May 4th, and we have not received our economic stimulus payment. The last 2 digits...


You're not alone. My SS# ends with 09 and I'm still waiting for mine too!!!!!

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Question on SSI and stimulus payment also what are they doing if they sent you too much?

My father is on SSI and gets a VA disability pension. Should he have filed something to get the stimulus? ALso when I filed my taxes I filed and claimed my fiance's sons. They said I couldn't do this because we were not married yet. I filed an amended...


The IRS has said that for some errors they will not pursue repayment of the stimulus check. In your...

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What impact will amendments have on the stimulus payment?

I had to make an amendment to my taxes. will that make my stimulus payment come later? And what about forwarded addresses? will the payment be forwarded?


If you have moved, notify the IRS of your new address. According to the IRS: Q. I have moved since filing...

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If I owe taxes this year, can the IRS subtract what I owe from whatever stimulus payment I receive?

After doing my taxes I found that I owe $500 in taxes. I know that there's supposedly a stimulus payment coming after you file your taxes. Will I have to pay the $500 first or can ...show more


The I.R.S. can keep the money from the stimulas check- but if you haven't paid by 4/15 you will also...

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Stimulus payments, IRS.GOV:where is My stimulus Payment? When can we with SSN 21 through 75 view the status?

I logged on the IRS.GOV, to the Where is My Stimulus Payment tool and it says that no information is available. 'I used direct deposit for My tax return for 2007.' Also, it says that we must wait a week from the date the payments will start to be direct...


i have had the same problem mine is in the range of 21-75 says the same for me did our taxes the13th...

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Where's my Stimulus Payment?

I owed money on my taxes and sent them in mid April. The check that I wrote to pay my taxes cleared my account on April 15. The last two digits of my SSN are '00', so, my stimulus check should have been mailed by May 16, according to the IRS chart. The...


You didn't file in time to be paid in the first group; your return had to be PROCESSED by the IRS by...

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Why would the IRS adjust a child support payment? The payment was from the stimulus package? ?

Here's the info...... I have joint physical custody of my daughter I have her every other week. I am court ordered to pay $412/month in support which I pay faithfully. My ex is supposed to pay $206/month in support, which unfortunately she has failed...


It takes a while to process the Form 8379. It may not have been filed with their tax return.

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Stimulus Payment: Free money or loan?

Tax payers are to save the second IRS notice regarding the stimulus payment in order to properly file 2008 taxes. Why? Will it be deducted from a potential 2008 refund? Most taxpayers will receive two notices from the IRS. The first general notice from...


What you suggest has been speculated a lot. It's odd there is so little info on how this actually works...

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I never got a Stimulus Payment Notifications in the mail. Does that mean I won't get a Stimulus Check?

I never got a Stimulus Payment Notification in the mail. Does that mean I won't get a Stimulus Check?


No, the letters go out very close to the time of the payment so you might just have not gotten it YET...

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