Is the rebate check the same as the stimulus check?

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Are You Sure You're Getting A Stimulus Package Rebate Check?

Not if: 1. You owe the tax man money. (If you owe back taxes to the IRS or any state government, you could see your rebate reduced or gone altogether.) 2. You make too much money. (The rebates will begin to phase out for individuals with gross incomes...


oh not everyone will receive the 'rebate' check.. they are really just the money we owe our tax payers...

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I 100% got my stimulus rebate check stolen and cashed.How could this happen? And how much longer will it take?

The weekend of May 16th should have been the week to get our Stimulus check. "NOTHING." As the six weeks went by, finally we were able to confirm with the IRS that indeed our check was sent to our mailing address. Today we got a 5 page document...


If the IRS told you that they were replacing the check, call and ask them. ( It is much safer to have...

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Stimulus Rebate Check?

Ok, so I was reading around. People were saying that if u filed taxes, and had them deposited onto a prepaid debit card (state AND federal), then ud have 2 wait 4 a paper stimulus check 2 come in the mail... Well, when I had my taxes done @ HR, they...


I don't know about the refund cards, but i have a prepaid debit card from and for the...

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Where is my Stimulus Rebate Check??? anyone else in my situation? My SS# last 2 digits fall between 00-21 and I was "suppose" to receive my rebate on May 2 by direct deposit according to my "eligibility". Today is May 9 and no rebate check. When I checked on...


This means you will recieve a paper check... If you had your fees for filing withheld from your tax...

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Best Place(s) to spend Rebate/Stimulus Check?

What are you ideas on the best places to spend the rebate/stimulus check? Can be any place or places that offer a $ or % bonus if you spend your check there. And what are the bonuses like, if they apply?


Debt. Pay it off

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Is it too late to sign up for direct deposit for my stimulus rebate check?

i already filed my taxes and received my check, but i am still waiting for my stimulus rebate check . i heard you get it faster if you chose to have it direct deposited into your bank more


Mikey think it not wise to throw a wrench into the Govt paperwork.

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Why didn't me and my daughter get a stimulus rebate check?

Reading the rules of the rebate, it states that if my wife was issued an ITN from the IRS, that I would not receive a rebate. that's fine, but why do me and my child have to suffer. We both are American citizens, while my wife is working on her citizenship...


If you file a joint return with your wife's ITIN you will not get the rebate. Congress established that...

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Stimulus REBATE Check Questions... HELP!?

Ok I was due to get my 08 Rebate Stimulus Check on 5-9-08 as my hubbys last 2 digits of his social are 51. We filed and received our tax return way before the cut off date and it was more


If your fees were taken out of your refund, you will receive a paper check. This is true. You can check...

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Will I have to pay back my economic stimulus rebate check?

I have read in a few scattered places, including a comment in the local paper that the 2008 economic stimulus rebate check is in fact, an advance on your 2008 tax return refund. I more


No you won't be paying it back. Here's the deal. You only get the money once. Behind the scenes, the...

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How long does it take to get my Stimulus Tax Rebate check?

How long does it take for the stimulus tax rebate check to reach my mailbox? It was supposed to be mailed out a week ago, yet I still don't see it in my mail box...


What stimulus tax rebate? From whom?

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