What is the average price for an above ground swimming pool?

Let’s learn what is the average price for an above ground swimming pool. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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It depends on the size of the pool, layout, artwork etc etc, it can start from 5000 euros.

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Leisure World Pool & Spa located in Tulsa, OK is running a huge sale on above ground swimming pools...

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INTEX Pool? Or regular Above Ground Pool?

hmm ok so I know that it is winter but we would like to plan ahead and try to get our kids a swimming pool. We were thinking about an intex metal frame 15' x 48", but then we thought about getting an ultra frame. What is your opinion what do you...


So long of a question for the wrong category

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Backyard swimming pool?

Looking to buy a swimming pool for our backyard. Probally above ground or at ground but would consider inground if the price was right....any suggestions on brand?


Go to BJs or Sames one of those clubs. they have good brands. check your yellow pages for one too.

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Can 2x2x6-ft concrete blocks self-support an above ground lap swimming pool?

This above-ground lap pool will be erected upon a much larger, pre-existing, 4-in thick, hog wire reinforced concrete slab. Planning on a 4-ft high, by 8-ft wide, by 60-ft long (internal dimensions) lap pool containing 1920 cubic ft or 60 tons of water...


The blocks are not supporting the pool, as I interpret your question, the pool is directly on the existing...

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How can I provide security for an in-ground swimming pool?

I live in a condo community. We have an in-ground swimming pool. The swimming pool is located in a secluded part of the property which is quite large and mostly undeveloped woods and ponds. The pool is surrounded by a chain link fence just under 6 feet...


There are pool alarms like this that trigger when someone goes into the water. They're mostly to alert...

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I have an in ground swimming pool and it has concrete all around it. The pool has been filled and water is seeping out somewhere, evidently somewhere in the piping system underground. Is there any type of "stop leak" that can be put in the...


i own a pool company.and what you need to do is find a pool company that does that kind of repairs.call...

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Can an above ground swimming pool stand if it does not have a top support rail or side supports?

Long story short we were putting up our pool and due to some SERIOUS wind issues the pool walls got out of the track at the bottom of the pool. (Only half the pool wall is out of the track) Call it stupidity, and the fact we were really irritated with...


You will have to drain it and fix the tracts. it will be unstable the way you have it.

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REALLY REALLY Dirty In-ground swimming pool..... HELP!!!!!?

So this summer my friends and I plan on cleaning my grandmother's in-ground pool. It is pretty large. I'm guessing at least 15,000 gallons. This would be a conservative guess. When I tried to clean it two summers ago is was very dark, almost black and...


Do not drain the pool more than half way. The first thing you need to do is get all of the debris out...

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How should i start leveling the ground for an above ground swimming pool?

I need some advice on how or where to start? I want to level the ground this time around for our new swimming pool, i want to do things right. Do i need a permit of any sort? If so how is that process? Does it cost money for permits? Any help or useful...


Permits are the auspices of your local zoning committee. Remove the sod and about 6 inches of soil and...

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