What is the average price range of a photo printer?

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I would like to know what's the best (quality/speed/price) photo printer in the 200-250$ or less range?

I'm a pro photographer and i'm @ a point where i need a compact printer for an onsite photo shoot. I only need this printer for photos, nothing else. I would prefer one that ...show more


I just read a test on compact phot printers-heres the winner-- Epson PictureMate Dash PM 260, $99.9...

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What is the best photo printer for professional photos, within a reasonable price range?

My HP inkjet crops 6" x 4" photos, and I need a printer which won't crop the image. Will a colour laser printer print photos onto photo paper?


Color lasers are more expensive but get the job done. Also, some HP PhotoSmart print border less without...

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What is a good photo printer?

I would like to start printing some of my photos, and I was wondering what a good printer would be. Not to sound high maintenance, but I want clear photos (I know that also depends on the clarity of my camera) and not blocky/pixely images. I would mostly...


HP Photosmart 8750 Professional Photo Printer is the best photo printer for better knowledge of technology...

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A good quality photo printer?

I am in the market to buy a photo printer but have had very mixed advice about which ones are good quality, price range, etc. I am a beginner to intermediate photographer and would mainly be printing prints for scrapbooking and card-making. I would like...


What brand do you prefer ? Anyway I made a filter for you (all under $200). For tips choose the good...

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Is buying a photo dock printer really worth the price?

I am thinking of getting a photo dock printer and just print pics from my digital camera at home. Is this really cheaper in the long run than getting film and having it developed? I mean, with the printer dock, you have to figure in the price of the...


Overall, printing from digital cameras is cheaper simply because you do not have to print them to find...

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Good enough investment to buy a photo printer? If yes, whats the best but still at a decent price?

Im just a teenage girl that takes pictures with her friends EVERYWHERE we go. I'm so sick of having all of these pictures on my computer. I am also not accesible to go to walgreen's or rite aid every single time i want to print a picture. So is it worth...


i dont know, but just a point for you to ponder. Five years ago a family member printed photos of a...

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What is the best photo printer for a moderate price?

Hello)) I am looking for a home photo printer... Any suggestions ? What printer should I get for a mid-price? Thnaks


A home photo printer is a gadget you would certainly crave to have. If you have not invested on one...

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Price for a Epson Stylus Photo RX595 All-in-One Printer?

I bought a Epson Stylus Photo RX595 All-in-One Printer awhile ago and used it no more then two times and put it up. Now I'm in REAL BAD NEED OF MONEY and am posting it up on Craigslist .What would be a good price for this (All most brand new(Even in...


* Print photos from memory cards, USB flash drives, cameras * Smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant...

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Which 'All in one printer' I should buy for home use. Price range 3000-5000?

I want to buy print scan copy inkjet printer. I would primarily be using black color printouts. My usage would be about 30-50 pages/month. I am looking at price range of 3000-5000. I ...show more


you can buy Epson Workforce 840 or Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901

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Good easy to use photo printer at a reasonable price?

My 80 year old uncle recently got a digital camera. He mastered the camera but now needs an easy-to-use (and hopefully reasonably priced) photo printer to print out his pictures. It doesn't necessarily have to be hooked up to a computer. Anyone?


get a canon or hp. They have great quality, but aren't too pricey.

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