What is the best charity shop in london?

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A day of Charity Shop Shopping in London..Advice!?

I am going to go to London soon and just look round charity shops and see if I can get some good bargains. I hear in a lot of the charity shops you can find some really nice stuff. Has anyone done this before and recommend any that are really good? Are...


You can go to Hackney or Dalston high street, there are 100s of them.

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Advertising a new Charity Shop in London?

Morning, the charity that I work for opened a new shop today. Age Concern Westminster, 36 Edgware Road London W2 2EH I would like to advertise it as much as possible, as cheap as possible (MSE rules OK ) Has anyone got any ideas which London radio stations...


Cannot help with the radio stations but what about a free .co.uk website. Added the link for you, good...

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Where is the DESIGNER charity shop in London?

my mum said theres a designer charity shop in London, whats the name of it? where is it? all the details please!!! :)


Most of the main charities send the better class of clothing and designer label's to be sold in London...

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Does anyone know of some good london charity shop/second hand stores? :)?

I'll be visiting London, and plan on doing some serious shopping! However, as my budget is not limitless, I will be seeking out some charity shops to hunt for steals. I am really looking for designer castoffs and nice clothing that is relatively current...


Go for the oxfams etc that are in the posh area. There is an oxfam off the Kings Road that presumably...

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What is the best thing or biggest bargain that you have purchased in a charity shop?

Now I often to to charity shops to look for books/CDs and have picked up some really good, often out of print stuff. There is also a fantastic furniture/electrical charity shop near me which has some interesting items. Also in London in places like Kensington...


LOL ( Aurora is going to pee herself when she sees this Q ) She is Queen of all things charity shop...

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I've got loads of old clothes... what should I do with them? Should I donate do a charity shop?

They are very old, do you think a charity shop would except them? PS: I live in London!


Yeah, just drop them into one of them bags that they send through your letterbox asking for unwanted...

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Looking for charity shops and South Asian clothing in London

My friend and I would like to go clothing shopping in London, UK at charity shops and other cheap places. We're in Cambridge right now, so we'd be coming down for the day - but we have no idea of where to begin. Specifically, we're looking for large...


for south asian clothing, tooting high street is a good bet - heavily asian community with lots of clothing...

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I have four boxes of good quality books to give to charity. Is there a charity that collects in London?

I live in SW London but don't have a car and can't deliver them to a charity shop myself. Can anyone help?


If you phone them up and ask one of the volunteers might pick them up. Phone your nearest one.

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Could I work in a charity shop?

Hi everybody, I will be 14 in two months and I just wanted to know if I could work in a charity shop like in October or November, just to do something and first of all to do something helpful! I would like to do charity work like in the week-end so,...


It's a possibility! But things like that tend to be more on an individual basis. It's not like working...

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Can you buy Elephant Parade miniature figurines from any shop in London?

I'm looking to buy one of the small versions of the painted elephants from the charity Elephant Parade in London last year. I know when it was all going on you could buy them from Selfridge's and National Geographic but I haven't been able to find them...


Collectibles should be purchased on ebay for the best value and selection. There is site called esnipe...

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