What is the best tattoo shop in UK?

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Does anyone know a shop in Birmingham UK that will tattoo someone under 18 with parental consent?

I want to get a tattoo for my 17th but I cant seem to find anywhere that will do it unless you are 18. My mum says its ok and shes even going to pay for it and everything. Anyone know ...show more


I'll do it for $5. I need someone to practice on before I do my own butt. I'm gay, so you don't have...

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try this website - I don't think it has any other http://www.rebeccaholley.co.uk/contact.h…

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Help Finding a Tattoo Artist in UK?

i need some real help finding a new tattoo artist. basically the guy i used to go to, who used to be amazing, just showed such little interest in my latest piece and completed f***ed it up. i thought i found a new guy, who was really enthusiastic about...


Dani , at tattoo crazy in Cambridge is amazing. :)

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Where can I to lean how to do tattoo's?

Would love to learn how to do tattoo's and one day work in someones shop as a daily job or being more adventurous own my own tattoo shop, things is I don't know where to find the course or place to learn. Can anyone help point me in the right direction...


Create a portfolio of some of your own tattoo sketches. Anything from portrait to traditional to tribal...

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Can I work in a tattoo shop for work experience?

Hi I took a graphic design course and I enjoying drawing tattoos on myself at 14 am I allowed to do work experience in the uk in a tattoo shop


See if your teacher would allow that type of placemen and phone up some shops, see if a shop would take...

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Fire health & safety for a shop..Only have 1 entrance is this okay?

I am thinking of buying a small shop in UK. The shop only has 1 entrance, there is no back door or fire escape. Would I have trouble obtaining health and safety certificate for this property? I need to get Health and Safety as the shop will be used as...


I live in the US and know who to ask here but you need to ask the Department that approves Fire Health...

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Very Good Tattoo Shops Melbourne?

Im Going To Australia Again This Christmas For 3 Weeks to Stay With My Uncle and iv Heard That The Tattoo Artists There Are Really Good My Uncle Lives In Richmond Melbourne So Can Anyone Recommend a Good Shop Near There? :) Im Wanting a Koi Fish on My...


Eternal Instinct, 265 St. Georges Road, Northcote, Ph 9481 4183 They do high quality work and are very...

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How much does a hip piercing cost in the uk?

I want to get my hip pierced soon but i dont know how much it would cost in a UK tattoo shop


That's the dumbest piercing I've ever heard of.

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Tattooist hourly rates in the UK?

Whats the usual hourly rate for tattoo work from a legitimate shop in the uk


depends on location

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Can a tattoo shop legally change a tattoo price?

I went in to get a quote on a tattoo that i wanted and was told by an artist at the shop that my tattoo would cost about $400. I decided this was a good cost and left a $20 deposit. When i came in for my first session i paid $100 and got the outline...


Most tattoo parlors charge by the hour, and they also have to charge you each time for a new needle...

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