What is the best way to clean LEGO bricks?

Let’s learn what is the best way to clean LEGO bricks. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by bricks.stackexchange.com.

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LEGO cleaning techniques and tools - LEGO® Answers

LEGO cleaning techniques and tools. up vote 28 down vote favorite. 2. ... What is the best way to clean LEGO bricks. 0. How to clean dirty white tiles? 3. Cleaning ...


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Well, there is! You can put your own modules up on your page, like a Lego magazine rank1 module! Or...

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no there are no cheats to this game but you can get mods

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There is a large block used in home construction called "Rastra". These are stacked kinda...

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Getting started with Lego as an adult

A recent gift has made me very interested in Lego but I don't feel like I know what to do with it unless I follow instructions. How can I learn to do better stuff with Lego on my own? The background: I got a Lego bear as a valentine gift and had so much...


Lego Master Builder Academy.

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Lego mindstorms question! about prices!?

I am thinking about getting lego mindstorms but first I need to know... what lego set has the best technic bricks to go together with lego mindstorms? and whats the cheapest way to get a few basic lego mindstorms? or should I save money and get power...


The cheapest way is to shop your local resale shops.

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Help me remember this Lego knock-off brand circa 1980

This thread has just dug up a memory for me and I'm going crazy trying to remember the brand name of the Lego knock-offs I had around 1980. I'll quote the gist of it from the thread:When I was a kid I had a birthday party some time around the fifth or...


Loc Blocs

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I need to buy LOTS of lego bricks! 10 points?

Help, ive been looking and looking but i cant find what i need, what i need is something like 4000-10,000 lego bricks. it seems that these days you can only buy them in boxes with 400 bricks in them If someone can find me 4000-10,000 lego bricks for...


Heya!! I was searching around ebay and google and it seems really hard to find some one selling a huge...

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Is Lego losing it's creativity?

When I was a ki I loved Lego. I could spend hours and hours just making little buildings even though I only had a few bricks. My collection eventually grew and I would start getting sets with people and cars/spaceships, etc. But know when I go to the...


I think so,kids now are just to lazy to use there imagination for anything

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What happens to all of the LEGO bricks that are made every year?

Some statistics claim that 19 billion LEGO bricks are made each year. That's a lot of bricks! If you owned LEGO bricks, what happened to yours? Did you donate them, sell them, give them away, or still have them? Where do most bricks go 10 or 20 years...


A fair portion of them are under my sofa cushions and behind the dresser.

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