What is the cheapest method for shipping a domestic item?

Let’s learn what is the cheapest method for shipping a domestic item. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by csmonitor.com.

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Cheapest way to ship your package? Here's how to save ...

The USPS is the cheapest way to ship your package, ... Cheapism.com recently sought out cheap shipping methods from all three ... delivery to most domestic ...


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If you have a business where you have items in many countries that anyone buy that custom item anytime, what is the best shipping method for a model such as this? are there shipping HUB companies?

Basically we have a lot of individualized designers in each country that represent their country and want to have people from anywhere in the world buy it.. so if there is a person in USA and people in europe, china and austrailia want it we would ship...


If you own or manage the system/platform that all orders are processed through for this business you...

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Walmart's site to store shipping method? I need a valid photo ID to pick my item up?

I want to order something online from Walmart.com by using a gift card and choose the free site to store shipping method. However, it says I need a valid photo ID when I go to pick it up, but I am only 15. Can I use my student ID card that I got from...


It would be best if you called the store you plan to pick it up from and asking. They may or may not...

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I ordered an item with a "shipping vendor" method. What is this?

It added 8 bucks to my subtotal, but i seen 1-5 business days, when the original was 2 weeks. Will it now ship earlier?


simply, you ordered from a place that doesnt have it in their building, but vendor will drop ship to...

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USPS Priority Mail will be cheaper than UPS to send a 2 lb item from Logan Utah to Rockwall Texas. USPS...

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Officially five to seven days, could be as few as three.

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you can call 1-866-216-1072 so that they can change it for you.

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Question about shipping?

Okay I asked a guy from ebay how much would it cost for him to ship a game to me,so he replied Hello, The cheapest method that includes delivery confirmation to Malaysia is $58.00. As an alternative, I can ship it as a small packet which would be much...


Tracking means they give you a tracking number. For example on USPS.com or like UPS.com, you can enter...

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How do you change the shipping method when BUYING from Ebay before you commit to buying?

Hello everyone. I want to buy an item from Ebay for the first time. The seller allows two different shipping methods: Expedited Shipping for $5.60 which is the default and Economy Shipping which is $2.41. I want to pay $2.41 for the economy shipping...


When you get to the "Review Your Purchase" page there should be 2 options for shipping since...

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Global Shipping Program - Item arrived damaged (poorly repackaged)

Hello all -- I had purchased an expensive antique item from a US seller on Ebay about three weeks ago. (I asked him to opt out of the GSP, but he insisted that he didn't want to opt out of it. Since this antique item was a rare collectible that couldn...


vanizorc: it seems that the only route of action that is available to me is to raise an Ebay dispute...

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