What is the cutest new snowboard that fits an intermediate snowboarder?

Let’s learn what is the cutest new snowboard that fits an intermediate snowboarder. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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As said above you shouldent buy a board based on the graphics alone , but having said that i would certainly...

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Snowboard boots for a women?

what is a good quality snowboard boot for a female looking for something in a moderate price range does dc make good boots? if so what type fits an intermediate snowboarder ...show more


Go to a local shop and try on boots. Big brands like Burton (even though they are over rated and over...

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What size snowboard fits me if I am..?

I am a beginner and am learning how to snowboard. I am 5' 0" and 87 pounds. What size snowboard fits me?


dude it has nothing to do with you height! and anyone who says that knows nothing about snowboarding...

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Beginner girl snowboarder, snowboard isn't up to my chin.. will it work?

Hi, I bought my snowboard last year from a local ski/ snowboard shop.. and i feel like it is going to be too short this year. Im almost 5'6, and i weigh 108 pounds.. my ...show more


I think that yo should try it out then see if it will work for 1 more year and if it dosent then upgrade...

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Burton Bullet. Good snowboard for advanced snowboarder?

Ive been riding snowboard a few times in holidays and in an indoor ski venue.. Now I want to buy me a snowboard I'm 1,84meters tall , 83Kg Id say i'm advanced level , I ...show more


Bullet is mostly for beginners, if im you ill get a better board than that, but if you want a all mountain...

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If you're a beginner snowboarder, is it better to buy a cheap snowboard?

I've only snowboarded for about 3 days on a rental snowboard, but I'm really into it. However, I'm not sure about whether I should invest in a high-quality/expensive ...show more


When you find the answer let me know lol i'm super into it too. I love it! chlorinegreen0109@yahoo.com...

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I have to question the first is how do i become a pro snowboarder? Where is some good place to snowboard at?

I stay in arkansas im 16 tell me how can i go pro and where is some good place to snowboard at


Wait you don't have a snowboard and you want to go pro? hmmm odd

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What side of Lake Tahoe better fits a 20 y/o snowboarder moving into the mountains?

I have been snowboarding since a child and want to live in lake tahoe to snowboard everyday i can. I just finished school and want to find a new place to live. What will better fit ...show more


South for sure! Theres nothing better than Sierra!

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I bought a snowboard jacket, it fits good in the chest and arms, but it seems very long, it goes past my butt.?

this is my first time snowboarding, so i don't really know anything about it. the jacket i bought: http://www.the-house.com/vn3gr02gtg7zz-vans-jackets.html It fits good in ...show more


nothing wrong with a long jacket. it looks gangsta

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What burton snowboard fits me best??

Blunt, Blunt Primo, Air Out of these three which one will fits me best?? 1.Like to carve very much ^^ 2.Eventually I will go try pipe jumping ( not right now, will be focusing on ...show more


Listen bro unless your going to be doing some start up back country tree line cliff dropping riding...

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