What is the difference between a smart antenna and a regular one?

Let’s learn what is the difference between a smart antenna and a regular one. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by answers.yahoo.com.

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What is the difference between a smart antenna and a ...

What is the difference between a smart antenna and a regular one? Follow . 1 ... What is the difference between a smart antenna and a regular one?


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The receiver with two antennae uses what's called "diversity" to get better reception. The...

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The addition of an extra antenna means longer ranges and better signal in the case of wireless routers...

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Do you need an antenna to plug in a set top box?

My uni room does not have an antenna wall socket. What I did last year when this happened was buy a cheap $9 one instead and it got all the digital and analogue channels. This year I'm in a new place further up a hill and I tried with the antenna and...


your tv is a digital tv so no need to buy a set top box.....see its manual ....specifications page ...

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How do I wire a tuning capacitor and antenna for a basic radio?

Hi! I recently watched this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E6uwEiOG… which got me interested in starting some circuit work myself. I'm doing advanced electromagnetism this year in uni and although it's not a large part of the course, I...


Take a look at the improved video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?src_vid=4E6… . It has a...

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Is there a benefit to a PCI wireless card with two "antennas" over one with just one?

I want to hook my desktop computer into my home wireless network and have found the PCI card option to be relatively easy and inexpensive. In my online browsing, I've seen the ones with one "antenna" are slightly cheaper than the ones with...


External antennas help with range and signal strength. If your wireless router or acccess is fairly...

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Would I need an antenna if I bought a new car radio/stereo for my 96 Toyota Avalon and just?

wanted to listen to my iPod? My antenna is broke on my car so I don't even have one which wouldn't allow my radio to work either. If I bought a new car radio with a spot for a cord to plug in to my iPod could I still listen to it without having bought...


yea you can any aftermaket deck/stereo with a ipod jack on it can work without the antena just fine...

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How do antenna TV channels "work" now? How do I find & add new ones?

I've been cable-less for the past few years and have been using antennas with my HDTVs for TV reception and have been very content, except I really have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing. To wit: Adding Channels & Channel Scanning: In the analog...


The channel scan works a lot like the old cable-ready TVs that would scan all the channels and then...

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Hdtv antenna- signal strength vs. quality question.?

Our antenna is bringing in 100% signal strength, but 0-7% signal quality. Most of the channels we want to watch aren't watchable. What is the difference between the two and how can we boost the quality? We are so clueless, this is the third antenna we...


This makes not much sense or the specs of the antenna are misleading. HDTV signals are digital, so if...

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