What is the easiest way to play any sound file?

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Simple way to play a sound file (.aif)

I'm making an app for Mac OS X using Xcode, and I want it to play a alert sound when something happens. What is the simplest code for playing a sound in Objective-C/Cocoa? Note that my sound file is an .aif. Also, where do I put the sound file inside my project? Thank you.


To play audio on the Mac, you can either use NSSound for basic activities, or the more robust CoreAudio...

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Best way to play multi-channel surround sound file?

I like music and movies. Most of times, I enjoy them on my laptop, which does NOT support decent sound system: just a basic sound card and a regular stereo headphones jack. Thus, ...show more


Uhhhh so how mnay speakers do you have? is it 5.1

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Under Linux/X11, is there a way to generate a beep or play an audio sound file when a mouse click event is generated?

This is for a touchscreen kiosk application.  When the user touches the screen, there should be audio feedback.


Why not? How exactly depend on the language/framework you are using, but usually you get an event on...

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Is there a way to bind a sound file to a button?

I was wondering if there is a way to make it so if I press a certain button on my keyboard it will play a specific mp3/wav or whatever type of sound file.


http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fi… http://download.cnet.com/Keyboard-Sounde…

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Is there a way to convert AAC 5.1 audio in an HD file into some other format ?

I play HD videos on my PS3 and connect it through an Optical Cable to my Sony HT K-5500 Home Theater System. Problem is, whenever the sound is encoded in AAC 5.1, no sound comes out unless I change the Audio to 2ch. AAC. Is there a way to resolve that...


You may use this audio converter to help you:

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Why won't Wavepad Sound Editer play any audio?

I've had Wavepad Sound Editor for a while now, but just recently it started to not play any audio through my speakers or headset. I know its the program though, because everything else plays, and the files I open in the program play in my files, just...


i dont know but have you tried just re-installing it?

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Hi, I have just started downloading avi files. However, only the sound will play. Help!?

I just downloaded my first avi file. It was a video file, took five hours from Ares appeared fine but when I play it back I only get sound and no visual. Any tips/ideas? Faulty file? Am I doing something wrong? I am clueless PC wise by the way!


panic ye not download http://k-litecodecpack.com this as the codecs you need for audio and video it...

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C++: Is there any way you could play music files in a console program?

I'm making this small text based game and the technical stuff is almost finished so now I would like to see if I can spice things up a bit. I thought it'd be really neat to be able to play some music in the background while the player is playing the...


see if this helps: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ccaudio/

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Is there any way i can make rear speakers of my 5.1 sound system play more sound than just ambient noises?

the speakers are logitech g51 5.1 surround sound speakers. whenever i play a game i only hear ambient noises in the rear speakers of my sound system. i have 5.1 sound enabled in the games, just it seems like my rear speakers do absolutely nothing what...


You could set your computer or sound settings to use a 2 channel (stereo) set up and send that sound...

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.mov file is only letting me hear sound, not watch video. how do i play the video from it?

i have received a .mov file from a cd. when i push the spacebar on my macbook to preview it, i can only hear the sounds (i get the same preview screen as if i were trying to preview a music/mp3 file) Also: the default icon for the file is the same as...


.mov is the native file type for quick time. Most likely that is what the person either intended for...

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