What is the economy like on the Florida panhandle?

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What is the economy like on the Florida panhandle ?

We are wanting to move to the Destin area of the panhandle, what is the economy like there ? What areas are thriving the most ??


Destin is booming! Property values are starting to raise and jobs are easy to come by. Destin is fueled...

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What do you think of when you think of North Florida and the Panhandle?

I was reading a thread on Topix the other day from people who had come from up north to North Florida. North and South Florida are like two different worlds. North Florida is more Southern, and South Florida is actually the southernmost northern state...


The "real" Southerners call the Panhandle "LA". Stands for "Lower Alabama"...

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How Can I legally panhandle or beg for money in florida? How can i solicit legally, what to do and what not to?

I need to know the legal way to beg for money, i already know the 2 ways being direct and indirect soliciting..and i understand indirect is the only way, but I cannot find how to do this without getting in trouble in the florida statutes.... If anyone...


Put on your finest Troll outfit and just hit the streets. I'm sure you'll do great. Or you could do...

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Custom Car Shop in Panhandle/West Florida? Need Mercedes Engine Swap!?

Are there any shops in the Southeast (West Florida, Alabama panhandle area) that are good for engine swaps? My 1993 Mercedes 190e has been slowly dying sitting in a backyard because I have no time for it, and I thought I found someone who would finish...


I have a 190e I have done a total complete engine rebuild .. What are you looking to get done I mean...

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Anybody have travel tips of the Florida panhandle?

I'm looking for vacation ideas. I'm travelling to the Florida panhandle this summer....


I'm originally from the Florida Panhandle, so I might be able to offer some insight on this one. First...

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Outdoor wedding: planning for the weather? (Florida Panhandle)?

I am trying to plan a beach wedding in Florida (panhandle/gulf coast), I have not set a date yet and I'm wondering if there is a way to find out what time of year will be my best bet for good weather and good beach conditions. The ceremony will most...


Congratulations on your wedding. It is my understanding that it rains every day in the State of Florida...

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Where's a good beach to go in Florida panhandle?

NOT for Spring Break! :) I have pre-teen kids. I am looking for a nice beach area, preferably in the panhandle area of Florida. thank you!


Most of the beaches along the panhandle are very good. Besides Destin and San Destin and Panama City...

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Recommendations for beaches in the Florida panhandle region over Christmas break

We've made a last minute decision to head to Florida over Christmas break. We'd like to stay somewhere in the panhandle region since it would be a fairly short drive for us (currently living in Alabama). Any recommendations for a particular beach/city...


I used to love the beaches and laid back vibe of Ft. Walton Beach when I was younger. It's quite west...

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Camping Florida Panhandle near beach with bathhouse?

I'm on a budget and want to find a place to go camping in the florida panhandle on the Gulf coast near the beach where I can tent camp with a bath house and hopefully electricity ...show more


fort pickens camp site near pensacola beach. it has a beach on both the gulf and the sound. it is going...

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Did Florida used to be bigger before some were underwater below the panhandle?

I looked above the map of Florida, and I also saw some of the lands but light blue water over it. Was Florida much bigger a long time ago, and when?


If it was, it was millions of years ago.

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