What is there to do in and around Buenos Aires?

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What places are a must to visit in Buenos Aires?

I would like to spend a few days in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I was wondering which places I should not miss visiting. Any advice on where to go? what to do? and how much money I ...show more


[sorry for my bad english] You shouldn't miss visiting the Obelisco; Caminito, (is an open air street...

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What is the best/cheapest way to travel around South America from Buenos Aires? What about Air Passes?

I am studying abroad in Buenos Aires and would like to do some traveling to Lima, Peru, anywhere in Chile and Brazil and anywhere else. My program ends on December 10, 2011 and I have a free month after that where my mom might come join me. Otherwise...


Buses, buses and buses, if you want to fly cheaply then fly only domestically, as soon as a plane crosses...

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Traveling to Latin America, Argentina, Buenos Aires mainly, and around the area. Any suggestions what to see?

What other near by cities to see, best locations to stay, where to go? Whatever you can suggest... thanks


Hi, in Buenos Aires there are a lot places to see. And if you like to know other cultures, you are going...

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What kind of jobs are there for Americans in Buenos Aires? Or American jobs that might place you there?

My girlfriend and I want to move to Buenos Aires for a year or two to have a little fun before we get locked down by our careers. We were wondering what kind of American jobs there are that would place us in, or that we could do from, Buenos Aires. That...


Hi! Congrats on wanting to go to BA, one of THE coolest and most romantic cities in Latin America. I...

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What's a good travel book on Buenos Aires?

what's a good travel book on buenos aires? also, any web sources of more pop/contemporary source of what's going on in Buenos Aires? I guess I'm looking for just really popular sites that young adult/adult Argentine people enjoy to read.


make sure you eat some befi de lomo on Calle Florida with a bottle of red wine

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What will the weather be like in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the months of June and July?

I'll be spending two months in Buenos Aires. Can anyone tell me what the weather is like? How cold does Buenos Aires' winters compare to California's? What should I pack ...show more


Packing can always be frustrating, just think of your essentials (camera, clothes, etc) then if you...

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What to pack for Buenos Aires for 6 months?

I am moving to Buenos Aires (Palermo), on Jan 2, 2009. I wanted to know what I need to pack. I am 29 Female, have a furnished apt, and would like to travel light. I need help!!! I have no idea, and I am really lookinmg for things that I can't buy in...


Bring what you would need for 6 months in any state in the US. BA is a huge city and has everything...

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What can you tell me about starting a bar in Buenos Aires?

A group of us are flirting with the idea of opening up a bar/small music venue in Buenos Aires. We are all Americans who have business training but have never worked in a foreign country. We have spent time in BsAs and realize it is a different regulatory...


You are right, the regulatory norms are very different. First , the easy way es to buy one is already...

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What are some of the good and bad things about the Buenos Aires StartupDigest?

StartupDigest (http://www.startupdigest.com) is a curated guide to local startup communities and the community of people who are involved with startups. Is the Buenos Aires edition of StartupDigest useful? Has anyone attended an event from the list?...


Yes, the Buenos Aires edition is useful. I am subscribed and I am interested in most of the events listed...

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What is the best way to ship my things back home to the US from argentina (buenos aires)?

What is the best why to ship my things back home to the US from argentina (buenos aires)? I have been living in Argentina, but I plan on doing some traveling around South America before returning to the US. What is the best, and cheapest way to send...


Actually there are very good deals in Federal Express and DHL.

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