Who can tell me about Buenos Aires?

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Tell me about Buenos Aires and Argentina in General?

Is it safe? How is the shopping? How are the people? Is their racism there? What is a good neighborhood to move to? Thanx


a) It is very safe .... b) (pesos) very good clothes ... c) people are very loving and very smart xD...

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What can you tell me about starting a bar in Buenos Aires?

A group of us are flirting with the idea of opening up a bar/small music venue in Buenos Aires. We are all Americans who have business training but have never worked in a foreign country. We have spent time in BsAs and realize it is a different regulatory...


You are right, the regulatory norms are very different. First , the easy way es to buy one is already...

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Can someone tell me about pitfalls of renting apartments in Buenos Aires?

I've been thinking about going to Buenos Aires on my holidays, but I want to have more information about the pitfalls on renting an apartment. Can someone give me some tips? ...show more


Rent in nice parts of the capital is sky high and most rental agencies require you to have a guarantor...

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How can you tell if a buenos aires tetra is pregnant?

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed one of you buenos aires tetra was swelling up. I thought she had a disease, so I moved her to my "death" tank. (I know it sounds morbid, but I move my fish out of the community if they are sick, try to treat...


Generally females are deeper in the body and get "plump" compared to leaner males. I'm surprised...

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you can probably go to wikipedia.org and type tango.

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As a thespian, I got a part in Evita. Our show opens in Buenos Aires. What should I tell my friends?

I've known my friend Archie and his wife Tina for a very long time. I am leaving tomorrow to Buenos Aires. They are very sad. Should I tell them "Don't cry for me Arch and Tina"?


You are a terrible human being. And yes, of course that's what you should tell them. Sing it, too.

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capital of Argentina and its largest city and port. It is located on the southern shore of the Rí...

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La Revolución de Mayo! On May 25, 1810 the First Junta was created in Buenos Aires, removing...

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Can anyone tell me about traveling by land from Buenos Aires to Asuncion, Paraguay?

Is there a reliable bus service and how safe it is? How much does it cost?


Yes, it is normally safe and not so expensive... Maybe $30 or $40 (there are really nice services, but...

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