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IOS App Store: Has Apple affirmed or denied that app downloads by iPod Touch devices influence the Apple App Store rankings for the iPhone app category?

I have yet to review any conducive evidence on the web that confirms or denies whether an app download by an iPod Touch device is credited as an app download for the iPhone category. Implications of whether this is true or false impacts  both iPhone...


You may google for any such evidence, however let me tell you based on my experience as a developer...

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Setting up an iPod touch for 65 year old mother. Need tips and app/podcast suggestions!

iPod Touch for mother-in-law. We've just decided to give my partner's mother an iPod Touch, and need your suggestions for apps and podcasts. She is a 65 year old woman, travels often, takes care of her grandson sometimes, and is new to all iPod technology...


I believe the main problem that you're going to have is that you're going to want Podcasts, new Apps...

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Instagram app for iPod Touch 4th generations, many questions (5) !!!!?

Hi, I got an app called Instagram for my iPod Touch 4th generation, and I seriously have a ton of questions, please help!!!! 1. When you sign up to Instagram - You have to use an email. Can this be any email you want, or does it have to be the email...


Instagram won't delete your photos... You are correct... Also, it can't delete account... Good luck!

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Ipod Touch app plays all night-need app to turn it off.

ipod touch, 2nd gen, 8gb. recently started using an app called "noises: remix-lite" to fall asleep. But the app plays the entire night...which of course, drains the battery. Need an app to turn it off after 40 minutes. PS. I have a playlist...


Have you used the timer feature? Go to clock/timer. Set a time and then select "Sleep Ipod"...

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Need someone with a jailbroken ipod/iphone to crack this app for me with Crackulous?

I have a jailbroken ipod touch 4g and i recently got this app Naturespace,but I couldn't install it because i don't have an Apple ID with a credit card registered.So I was hoping that if you have a jailbroken ipod or iphone, and also who has an apple...


do u still need help tell me when u find some 1

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Why can't I upload this app to my iPod touch?

I got a free app today off of iTunes. I downloaded it, plugged in my iPod Touch and attempted to put the app onto the iPod. I checked the box to tell it to add, and pressed "Apply", it loaded and then when it said "sync complete"...


Try to do it from your itouch that might work

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IPod touch/ iPhone app not launching and it has valuable information on it, how to get it to open?

I have an app called "MobileStudio" which is a file transfer between the computer and my first generation iPod touch. I use it to input important work information and then I come home, open up the app, and use that information to fill out my...


hmmm ive never heard of this happening.. but sadly it sounds like the app is "corrupt" which...

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Can I use my iPod touch to display the BBC iPlayer app on my TV?

Can I use my iPod touch to display the BBC iPlayer app on my TV? I have a 4th generation iPod touch, an Apple universal dock, and a TV with s-video and component inputs. I can use an s-video cable to connect the dock to the TV, and successfully watch...


I have only been able to do this by installing DisplayOut on my Apple product (in this case an iPad...

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IPod touch app failures? Can't find anything wrong? Help!?

The apps on my iPod are failing. I have the most recent update of my iPod and the apps. All my apps are compatible with my iPod (3rd gen) I will open an app, then the screen will flash black and return to my home screen this has happened with three apps...


Yeah my iPod does that too. So what you should do is delete the app if it is a game center game keep...

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Ipod touch app downloads plugging into computer will i get a virus?

I have an app (idownloads+) that i can download music for free but i can only keep the music stored on the app and i am running out of memory on my ipod. There are a lot of songs on my regular itunes file that i would like to delete so i could delete...


You shouldn't get a virus unless it is on your iPod which would mean you would get it either way. If...

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