What is your favorite iPod touch case?

Let’s learn what is your favorite iPod touch case. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by mikesquarter.com.

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Best iPod Touch cases - covers and cases for Apple iPod Touch

The answer is quite simple actually: dress it up with a brand new iPod Touch case from this collection bellow, that contains some of the nicest iPod covers I could ...


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What do you think of this case for my Ipod Touch?

Do you think I should get this case? Why or why not? Panda Ipod Touch 4th Gen Case (Link Down Below) http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Griffin+Technology+-+Kazoo+Case+for+4th-Generation+Apple%26%23174%3B+iPod%26%23174%3B+touch+-+Panda/4861115.p?id=1218557...



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My hard shell case will NOT come off my ipod touch, what do i do?

So, i got a new ipod touch 3rd generation for Christmas, and i also got a new hard shell case. On the hard shell case, the bottom of the case is black and a sortuve hard rubber, the top of the case, sortuve a grey colour, is a hard plastic. I can easily...


Go to freeitunecodefrenzy.wordpress.com there is a pic that shows how you pop the tab on the inside...

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What's a good ipod touch case?

Hello i want to find a ipod touch case that is cool. Like i love this case i saw called cookiecase touch and what i love about it is that it makes my ipod like and iphone 4. I like the way the iphone 4 is shaped the block like feature makes it look really...


It makes your ipod touch look like iphone 4 and really protects your ipod touch.

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I am getting an iPod Touch 32gb,what kind of case should I get?

I am getting an iPod Touch for my birthday, I want to be able to protect it as soon as I get it. What kind of case should I get??? Hard or soft? My mom has the iPhone she had a soft case, but when she put it in her purse it would slip off. So should...


i have one of those leather ones. i like it. dont pay 30 dollars for it like i did though. lol.

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What is a excellent ipod touch case?

How long have you had your ipod touch case? what brand? is your ipod touch still like new on all sides?


Switcheasy Colors 6 Months Yes Still Looks Pretty New

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What iPod Touch 1G Case?

I have a ipod touch 1g and I really need a case. Does anyone know a good case which is worth the money, really protective, stylish and maybe some extras? Maybe a screen protector? Or even a pouch or sleeve? Thanks! Oh and can anyone tell me a good case...


Sure. A great case is CoreCases evolution for iPod touch 1G ( http://www.ipodstuffreviews.com/2008/...

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What is the Best case for the Ipod touch 4th generation?

I might buy an Ipod touch 4th generation , and I would like to know what is the BEST case for protecting the Ipod touch 4th generation ? I want something that will keep it safe and ...show more


I also got my iPod touch 4 last week, after some research on google I found this website. They don't...

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What is the best protective case for iPod touch?

I'd like a case that will protect the screen from scratches. If you have a iPod touch what case do you think is the best? Thank you!


If you want to protect the screen from scratches then i would recommend. the leather case has a flip...

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What would be a good cheap case for my white iPod touch?

I bought a black case but it looks pretty bad. What would be a good matching case for a white iPod touch. Best answer gets 10 points. And show me a picture on amazon. Thanks


This one looks good and cheap: http://www.amazon.com/Premium-Flexible-A…

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