What jobs are in demand in Germany?

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What jobs are in high demand?

I am very much wanting to move to Europe when I am older, I love it there! What jobs are in high demand and would almost certainly land me a visa to live in Europe(specically Germany)? What degree should I get, etc? Please help!


Finding an IT job in Germany Due to the IT skills shortage in Germany there is a strong demand for IT...

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Because they have the people with the intelligence to make the products. Also SWitzerland won't have...

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What is a good college degree to achieve when moving from US to Germany?

I am currently in college majoring in Interior Design and am also hoping at some point after graduating to move to Germany. After looking around, I'm really questioning if being in a place I don't know and trying to establish myself as a designer is...


Well you will need to be fluent in German to start. Let me explain to you how immigration works. A company...

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English-speaking call center jobs in The Netherlands?

Hi everyone, my job experience, talent, expertise and love for work all fall into one category : call center jobs. Specifically those which are entry-level tech support. I would love to work in the Netherlands, but I need to get into their job market...


Yes there is a call centre known as the CAC, It is a customer assistance centre for mercdes benz. I...

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Demand does not create jobs, supply does??????? WHAT!?!?!?

Someone said this to me........ "I'm guessing you've never taken an economics class.. have you? Demand does not create jobs. Jobs are created on the supply side of the equation. There's demand for the cure of the common cold.. not many jobs being...


It's really frustrating to see how well the 1% have succeeded in convincing a very large group of people...

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So It's Ok For Republicans To demand Jobs from the Governement, but Democrats can't demand the Private Sector?

In 2010, Republicans Demanded to Know from Our President " Where are the Jobs". Basicly demanding the Government to answer the question about where are the jobs at.. First of all , government can't create jobs I thought? And tha'ts a saying...


In their Universe Greed and Hypocrisy are practically worshiped

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What jobs are in demand or high in demand? (UK)?

Hello everyone, I am 19 years old I live in Cambrigeshire, and I am unemployed. And I just wanted to know what jobs are and always will be in demand and high in demand? I would like to be a football coach, and I have got a level 1 football coaching qualification...


yeah they're always looking for football coaches but im not sure that its a full time job. if you have...

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High demand specialty jobs that might help pay for the schooling?

Where would I find high demand specialty jobs that might help pay for the schooling? I'm looking into a career change and looking for jobs that might be in high enough demand where some entity would paid to get the training/schooling and take that job...


Some nursing schools that are part of hospitals will pay for the schooling in return for a commitment...

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Jobs in germany for english speakers? I would like to know any website that useful to search jobs in germany?

Having B.Sc Computer Science degree with 4 years of Support , Programming , and Search Engine Optimization knowledge. Now i am looking for jobs in Germany.


German CIA

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Are Navy jobs in demand going to remain in demand?

Since the Navy is overmanned and Obama is bringing the military home from Iraq but not Afganistan. Are the current jobs in demand the Navy has going to stay in demand? If so how long?


It always runs in cycles and changes constantly. As people and billets are shuffled to meet manning...

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