What kind of amp would I need for these speakers to run optimally?

Let’s learn what kind of amp would I need for these speakers to run optimally. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I have recently bought a 350.4 kicker amp. i need advice on what kind of speakers to run off it?

ok its a 4x60rms amp and it sounds pretty good with the stock standard speakers on my commodore. i listen to alot of metal and heavy rock and such though and as a result whilst it sounds pretty good it needs more bass. i was wondering if anyone could...


2 alpine 4 way 6x9 and 2 6" in the front

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What specs for an amp to run speakers (described below)?

I need to find out what kind of amp specifications to I need to run four 300W(100W RMS) 2-way 4ohms impedance 65-29k freq response (Alpine SPR-60 is the model) It needs to be 4 channel with even power and not underpower or blow the speakers. It's going...


This amplifier here will suit your needs: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_2747… as far as...

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What kind of amp should I use to power my speakers and subs?

I have 4 Polk Audio speakers (MM6501 and MM691) Both have 125W RMS, I also have (2) 12"Polk subs (MM1240) with 425W RMS I need an amp(s) to power all of them but I dont know what to get. I want to run all 4 speakers at 100 - 115W and both subs at...


i would go with a hifonics brutus 2000, i no a guy with 4 L7s to one amp and still hits hard enough...

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Ok... I Have a 6 speaker setup... 4 door speakers and adding 2 tweeters up front... ALL RUN AT 35 RMS AND 4 OHMS... Im new to the "OHMS" and what-not, so should I be looking for a 6 channel amp? A 3 channel to bridge? Now... If I add a 7th...


you only need 1 amp. check out this one http://www.crutchfield.com/p_113KAC2404/… you might need...

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What do I need to run 3 10" subwoofers off of 1 Amp?

I'm trying to put some umph in my car aduio and i've found an encolsure that has 3 ports and 3 subwoofers that i like. But the only thing i'm trying to figure out is what do i need to run 3 speakers off 1 amp. The speakers are 800W each. Do i need some...


Are the subs single 4 ohm if they are get a 1 channel amp that is 1 ohm stable. Now wire your subs parallel...

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What amp do I need for these speakers?

What kind of amp or receiver would I need to run two Sony SS-F6000 speakers? I'm looking for a cheap solution. I don't want to spend over $200 to use $150 dollar speakers. Would the Sony STR-DH100 2-Channel Audio Receiver work?


Yes that would work fine. Only disadvantage with that reciever is the fact that its only stereo meaning...

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How do I figure out how much power/voltage/amperage is required to run an amp?

So lets say I got an amp like this: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_9173_SPL-FX4-1200.html and lets also assume I mount 2 mids, a sub, and an amp on my bicycle (not gas, just pedal power) how do I figure out what kind of battery and also generator...


the amp will say what it requires

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What amp do I need!! HELP?

I have a 12" Mclass subwoofer and I have no idea what kind of amp I need to run it I also have two speakers in the back and two in the front as well as 2 tweeters. all the speakers are after market and I need to know the wattage of the amp I need...


That sub is 200 rms 400 max dont know if you have the single 4 or dual 4 ohm coils.A small two channel...

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I am installing 12 30 watt speakers and need help with what size amp i need to run these speakers. The link for the specs is below! THANKS

I am installing 12 Speco speakers and need help on picking out an amp that will work with the speakers. Here is the URL that has the Speco specs listed on it. I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!http://www.specotech.com/index.php/products/audio...


Four Channel 150rms/300peak. Wire 3 speakers per channel. You can wire them individually to the amp...

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What kind of Amp do I Need? Speakers: JBL GTO638(Front)/938(Rear)?

Ok I want some nice sound so I bought some rear speakers for my car which were the JBL GTO938. And yes they sound awesome! I have a aftermarket head unti which is a Pioneer 4Ohm 50w x 4 Channel. Which powers the speakers just fine. I don't turn the volume...


thats a damn good match to maximize clean signal strength from your amp, you need to adjust the gain...

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