What kind of plant has dark purple leaves and purple flowers?

Let’s learn what kind of plant has dark purple leaves and purple flowers. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by gardenguides.com.

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List of Plants With Purple & Green Leaves | Garden Guides

Perennial Plants & Flowers; Biennial Plants & Flowers; ... Gardens by Type of Space; ... List of Plants With Purple & Green Leaves.


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What plant is this? Pink flowers, darkish green leaves, some kind of shrub maybe?

Taken at Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, BC Will upload picture in a few days. My phone won't let me...


I was watching your question since you first posted, hoping you would be able to upload your photo....

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Impatiens balsamina is the botanical name. Horticultural Technician and instructor at Vancouver Island...

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What is the name of a plant (branch?) with white, round, flat, disc-like leaves?

I found a faux stem of this plant at a craft store but it didn't have the name on the tag. It looked like a branch of some kind, but the only flowers/leaves on it were these round, flat, white discs. Any idea what this plant is called???


You got it from a craft store . It is a branch ( most probably polished ) ! what you found on them are...

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I dont know what kind of flowering plant i have?

I'm not sure what kind of plant I have. Its tall and has floppy leaves and blooms two to three red flowers every season. the bulb is showing from the dirt and I'm not sure what kind of flower it is so that I can research it better and figure out what...


A picture would be beneficial

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What kind of Azelea plant grows the tallest?

bought two of them other day -one is about a foot and half tall it has long interweaving stems twirled around one another and nice small green leaves on top -bushy with small pink flowers. do you know what I am talking about--wondering where to plant...


both are probably kurume azaleas which are medium height and spread.the pink is probably 'coral bells...

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Is it too late to plant flowers in Virginia? If not, what kind should I plant?

I just bought a house & we close on Monday!!!!!! In the front yard there is a few spots that have like dying or dead long bush looking things. Anyways, I wanted to add some color with flowers and I was wondering if it is too late in the season to...


It's not too late to plant flowers. First you need to know how much sunlight that your front yard get...

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