What's a better choice IB or A/levels?

Let’s learn what's a better choice IB or A/levels. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by telegraph.co.uk.

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The International Baccalaureate versus A-levels: which one ...

The International Baccalaureate versus A ... there really is a superior choice between A-levels and the IB. ... be better off doing A-levels. ...


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Ib or a levels? Help!?

Im in year 11 and im considering doing the ib diploma after being given leaflets about it by a 6th form i got accepted into. In the leaflets it said an ib score of 26-30 was the same as straight a's at a level. So i did some research but ended up getting...


Hello! I'm a first year IB student who is loving the course! The thing about 26-30 being straight As...

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IB subject choices please help?

For IB standard level, what are the 3 easiest subjects i can take? My SL categories are the first 3 which are the two languages and the one with history/business/economics im pretty sure about first language english but whats the easiest 2nd language...


Business Studies and Economics is a hard A-Level but useful. History is hard aswell to be honest. Just...

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Neuropsychology, good career in the UK?

Well basically im still in college and im thinking of doing neuropsychology in university. Ive read a little about it and it seems really interesting and something i would enjoy. Could anyone tell me more about it? What alevels would i need to get into...


You would study neuropsychology during your postgraduate education (Masters, PhD) You need to being...

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Applying to a British Uni from America, what are A-levels?

I am currently 16 as a sophomore in high school in america. I'm planning on applying to uni's in england when i'm a senior. It means a lot to me to get into a British uni because I'm moving there in 2 years (which is when i'll be done with high school...


Hey well im English and i think i can help Over hear we Do GCSE's which is kind of like your SAT's We...

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Which choice should I make about Pre-IB, IB and AP?

I am a student of grade nine who just got accepted into a pre-diploma IB program in Churchill secondary. I am not sure whether to go or not since if I don't go, I can complete AP Calculus at my home school (yes I am doing AP Calc in grade 10). But if...


I feel like whatever I say you won't like it. I think subconsciously you know what you want. For me...

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I am about to complete my olevels but instead of doing Alevels i am planning to do the IB diploma course?

I will be finished with my olevel in May this year. I am in Pakistan. I want to switch over to IB Diploma course. I have heard that there are some IB schools in Canada which offer scholarship to international students. Can anybody tell me more about...


pl come to canadian embassy in islamabad.

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Is IB a good choice for me?

I am a student in Hong Kong. In my school, we get to choose from the IB DP or the usual Hong Kong program (NSS). I am quite good at academics but i kinda procrastinate every now and then. I have heard that the IB program is very intense and requires...


First I would do the research on how the IB program is viewed at the university you want to attend....

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IB vs. A Levels; what's the best choice?

I'm currently in year 10 at an average high school in England, soon to be starting college preperation. I would like to pursue a career in medicine or mathematics. I can either do A levels at quite a good state college where I plan to do maths, further...


It depends about you. If you are very organized, taking on challenges, hard-working, IB is for you....

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Whats another word for 'no choice'?

'We do it out of...., not out of choice.' whats the missing word? we do it because we are hopeless and we have no choice but whats a good word to put in that sentence? Thanks :)


necessity duty need needfulness responsibility obligation

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