What's a day as a registered nurse like?

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Day in the Life of a Registered Nurse - University.com

Day in the Life of a Registered Nurse How does an experienced registered nurse spend her day? ... making the decision to pursue a career as a registered nurse ...


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Whats the difference between a staff nurse and a registered nurse.?

I went to the hospital to day and i notcied that some nurses name badge would say ' staff nurse' and on others it would say ' registered nurse' is there a ...show more


Jonathan is wrong on this one. A registered nurse has passed the NCLEX exam and been registered &...

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I realize registered nurses spend alot more time studying at uni 3.5 yrs + or for enrolled nursing its just 1.5 yrs, but when you are finally qualified and in a actual hospital/care ...show more


Enrolled nurses where phased out in the 80's. You still get the odd ones but they are normally older...

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Whats a Registered Nurse's average salary in Dubai?

I'd like to know what kind of salary to expect as an RN (bachelors degree) while living in Dubai? Or anywhere in UAE for that matter. Also what is the salary for CRNAs in Dubai? (nurse anethesiologist) Thanks


In the UAE your salary depends on your nationality, degree, experience and the hospital itself. The...

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I had a PPD done the other day and I realized the person who was doing it was not a Registered Nurse, but a RMA/AST.

My question is, what the heck is a RMA/AST? Does anyone know? I think a RMA is a Registered Medical Assistant, but what is a AST?



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Proofreading Nurse Application Essay?

Mark Twain once said "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did." This quote gave me the motivation to once again attempt becoming a registered nurse. Deep down inside I know that...


I will edit for you if you send it to ileftibm@yahoo.com let the subject be "nursing application...

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What's the difference between a registered nurse and nurse practician?

I know i want to become a nurse but i am not sure whats the difference between a registered nurse and nurse practician i think i would like to work in the emergency room or i am ...show more


Nurse practitioners must have a BSN (bachelor of science) in order to enter most programs. A BSN can...

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Registered Nurse vs. Nurse Practitioner?

What is the difference between a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner? Like what it a typical day like for them, what hours do they work and which seems like a better option? ...show more


A nurse practitioner can diagnose problems and prescribe treatment withing limited bounds. A plain vanila...

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Why does everyone encourage me to become a physician rather than an registered nurse...?

Many have stated if you have the drive and work ethic, become a physician. My professors, parents, and fellow peers have stated that their are much advantages to becoming a physician than a nurse. Many of them have discouraged me of becoming a nurse...


Depends on why you want to become a nurse or physician. I am currently going to school for nursing....

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How to become a registered nurse?

well i just graduated high school early and i was looking around at schools. I really want to become a registered nurse. I live in Sioux Falls, SD and i was looking at Southeast Tech but i noticed they only had degrees for LPNs. whats the difference...


Call the admission office to get the details in the difference or do a search on the internet. The admissions...

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