What's a good girl magazine I should subscribe for?

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Whats a good girl magazine i should subscribe for? | Yahoo ...

Best Answer: The best girl magazine is absolutely "Flower and Flavour". Greetings The Freak


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Whats a Good Heavy Metal Magazine to subscribe to?

Hello... Um, im looking for a heavy metal magazine subscription. I bought a few mags from the store and some were cool but some where kina... eh crappy. I want a Metal magazine with all the metal, like Black Metal, Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Basically...


If you can get Hammer magazine in the US then try that.

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Why won't it let me subscribe for the American Girl magazine on americangirl.com?

I tried to subscribe for the American Girl magazine online and I tried my mom's, mine, and my dad's birthday and it still says ask a parent to access to this website....idk what to do.


I h8 tht magazine! wht are you 5?

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Where can I subscribe to the magazine, Brio Girl?

I have looked everywhere, even their website, and I cannot find a place to subscribe. There was a link on their website, but the link did not lead to a place that carried it. I would really like to subscribe over the internet.....please help?! Thank...


go to the Focus on The Family website. There should be subscription links there. You can also go to...

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Whats the best photography magazine to subscribe to?

I want to subscribe t a photography magazine. I want one that actually teaches you and give you tips, not just oe that shows off other peoples photos...what do you suggest? THanks!


I'm a big fan of Outdoor Photographer. Although I canceled my subscription shortly after starting my...

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Whats a good magazine to subscribe to?

i like magazines that includes like beauty tips and fashion stuff like SEVENTEEN magazine. Any tipss?


That depends on your age, interests and budget. For me I like to know about what is happening in the...

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Whats a good appropriate magazine for a teen girl whos nerdy?

I want a magazine that is for teen girls, but im kinda nerdy. Is there any magazine out there that would work for me? (in US plz) Oh and yeah i have no problem admitting im nerdy/geeky cuz GEEKS/NERDS rule!!!!!


young lady, I do not believe that there is such a magazine out there. Nerdy magazines are for boys and...

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If you subscribe to Cosmo girl magazine...do you get free posters?

would you get free posters of cute guys??lol do you know of any magazine that does come w/ posters? thanks!


If you're looking for posters and stuff like that you need to stick to magazines like Teen Beat and...

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Im a 15 year old girl that wants 2 be a glamorous video vixen and magazine model, whats the fast way 2 do it? ?

my idol is Angel Lola Luv...im sure i could never be as successful as her,but it's been a dream of mine since i was even younger. im a thick girl 2, i got some nice curves, and i've been told i have a pretty ok body 4 this kind of thing. i know im young...


If you are concerned with getting somewhere FAST, then you'll ride the wave until your first wrinkle...

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