What's a good metal magazine?

Let’s learn what's a good metal magazine. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by heavymetal.about.com.

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Best Heavy Metal Magazines

A list of the best heavy metal magazines from the United States and elsewhere in the world. About.com. ... but there are still some good ones still left.


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Whats a Good Heavy Metal Magazine to subscribe to?

Hello... Um, im looking for a heavy metal magazine subscription. I bought a few mags from the store and some were cool but some where kina... eh crappy. I want a Metal magazine with all the metal, like Black Metal, Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Basically...


If you can get Hammer magazine in the US then try that.

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Whats heavy metal magazine?

Whats heavy metal magazine?, is it pornographic, I was looking over the materiel it seemed cool, maybe planning on getting a subscription but, I just want to know before ordering it.


yeah there's some erotic stuff in there, it's pretty much everything dudes like, mainly girls, guns...

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Whats a good program to use for creating a magazine?

i need to create a 16 page magazine for my enviromental science class ( FML !!!!!) and i need it to have a good layout with lots of pictures, text, and whatnot. i have tried using microsoft word 2007 ( noooo good, very poor for laying out pictures, article...


Adobe InDesign... but it is EXPENSIVE!!!!! Yahoo search "Similar to InDesign" and maybe you...

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Whats a good music magazine for a teenager ?

Im looking for a good music magazine i can either get weekly/monthly... not somet crap though like top of the pops not a kids magazine... know of any good ones ? Thanks x



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Whats a good magazine name?

whats a good magazine name that has to do with movie stars and acting, also singers? i cant think of anything good!


j-14 seventeen people pop

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Whats a good cooking magazine?

Hey im looking for stuff to get my dad for christmas and i was thinking in addition to some stuff a subscription to a cooking magazine. He really enjoys cooking but i think he really likes the science of it. Like for instance substitutes and do things...



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Whats a good teen magazine title?

im doing a project for my desktop publishing class and i have to create a magazine. My magazine is about a Selena Gomez, but i cant come up with any good titles for it any idea's?


Think of other teen magazines, seventeen, teen vogue, etc. If it only about her you could just make...

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Whats a good science magazine?

For my science assignment i need a source fromm a website, a magazine and a newspaper. So far i have only got the Internet source, so if anybody knows a good science magazine or even a newspaper article related to science i would be very grateful. Thanks...


I like the New scientist and Science :) .

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Whats a good appropriate magazine for a teen girl whos nerdy?

I want a magazine that is for teen girls, but im kinda nerdy. Is there any magazine out there that would work for me? (in US plz) Oh and yeah i have no problem admitting im nerdy/geeky cuz GEEKS/NERDS rule!!!!!


young lady, I do not believe that there is such a magazine out there. Nerdy magazines are for boys and...

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