What's a good internal memory camcorder for around $300?

Let’s learn what's a good internal memory camcorder for around $300. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You will find a JVC is hard to beat

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Whats the different between HDD camcorder and Flash/Memory Stick Camcorder?

What are the difference and which is better? cus i wanna get a sony camcorder but i dont know, im thinking bout getting a SONY HDR-XR150E or HDR-CX150E/B what do you think?? or do u have any suggestion ? thanks


I would consider Sony Handycam HDR-XR150E - Camcorder 1920x1080 high definition video recording: 19...

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Whats the best HD camcorder that's worth $200 - $300?

i have 300 to buy a new HD camcorder which is the best quality does anyone know?


Well, that is a tough question in that there are many variables amongst cams. First, you need to know...

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What is a great Camcorder that is under $300. i prefer minidv and flash memory also?

I want a camcorder that is easy to transfer to the computer because I like to edit them.


try this http://www.aiptek.com

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Whats is isam.exe using 300,000k memory?

Ok, so whenever i start up my laptop, in the Task Manager this thing called "isam.exe" is using up 300,000k memory. I open the file location and nothing is there. When i close this file nothing happens except my laptop runs allot quicker. Antivirus...


According to a Google search legitimate isam.exe is some component of COBOL which was a computer language...

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Whats the best Quality Camcorder under $300?

Im looking to find a really good quality camcorder that has HD capability or good quality so I can make some good quality youtube videos. I was looking at the JVC Everio at Best Buy for 270, but I still dont know if there is any better quality camcorders...


Canon ZR900 or ZR930. They are standard definition. There is no high definition camcorder worth buying...

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Whats a decent Camcorder For around $300?

I am planning on buying my brother a CamCorder for his Christmas gift, But I cant decide, I just want to know what camera you would recommend. Heres the one I was looking at ...show more


The flip is really great as it lets you post directly to youtube. Here's one that is well under your...

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What type of Camcorder is better Tape or digital?

I am looking to buy another camcorder but I was wondering what is better tape or digital like a hard drive or memory card for a digital camcorder. I currently own a Sony Handycam DCR-SR47 and it can be grainy and a bit fuzzy sometimes. My Samsung Galaxy...


There are not many analog camcorders out there - new. Generally, the flash memory hard disc drive consumer...

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Need Some Suggestions For A Camcorder $300 And Less?

Like the title says, I'm in the market for a camcorder. I've noticed lately they have come down quite a bit in price. I'm looking to spend no more than $300. I realize I'm not going to get something top of the line, but there are a few things I'm looking...


Grainy video happens when the light is not bright enough for the camcorder or when the captured video...

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Camcorder, memory space questions..?

I am interested to buy a camcorder around Christmas, how much memory should I get for it? How much video can you tape with a 1gb memory stick? Any recommendations on the type of camcorder, and the type of memory stick? My price range for the camera is...


The amount that you can record on a 1gb memory card will depend on the camcorder, and the level of compression...

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