What's a good hard-drive Camcorder?

Let’s learn what's a good hard-drive Camcorder. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by camcorders.toptenreviews.com.

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Hard Drive Camcorder - Top Ten Reviews

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Great camcorder?

WHats the best harddrive camcorder for a cheap price under $500. & Is good for putting movies on the computer & editing them as far as adding music, taking out scenes etc. THanks.


Hi, I shop a lot and to save time and money I use cheapest prices search engine. Almost every merchant...

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Can Camcorder videos be transfered to a DVD Recorder's harddrive?

I want to be able to create DVD's from my camcorder but my PC does not have a DVD burner. I would like to replace my VCR with a DVD recorder with a Harddrive and wondered if I could create DVD's with the recorder after I transfer my camcorder video(s...


Sure, the camcorder would just be like any other input source.

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Whats best hdv camcorder ?

i need hdv camcorder to edit videos on final cut studio soo i want to know what camcorder or pro camcorder is best hdv camcorder or pro camcorder that is new and tell me what is best type of hdv camcorders ?


What is your budget, if you can afford Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV High Definition Professional Camcorder...

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Using IPOD Touch as Harddrive for storing video files from DCR-SX44 Flash Drive Camcorder?

Hi, I currently have SONY DCR-SX44 Flash Drive Camcorder.As per the camcorder specifications we can transfer the video files from the camcorder flash drive/internal memory to External Hard drive using supplied PMB Software. I would like to use my IPOD...


i thought that ipod was an apple device, if that is the case then no its not possible, sony and apple...

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Camcorder (whats the best full size dvd camcorder)?

Hi there, Whats the best digital full size dvd camcorder you can buy, i dont know if they still make them to take the full size dvd because i think most of them these days are mini dvd. I was after a full size dvd camcorder that has briliant picture...


The Sony HandyCam is for you. Look for the one with DVD in the name. It records whatever you record...

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Camcorder: Super 8, Digital 8... whats the difference?

I have a Super 8 camcorder (I know I know, it's old, I have a newer mini-DV that I normally use). My wife and my wedding was recorded by a friend and was given to us years ago-- on Digital 8 format. I didn't have anything to read it, until I found this...


Basically... you will need a digital 8 camcorder to replay the digital 8 tape.... for best quality....

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Whats better HF20 camcorder or the HF200 camcorder?

which camcorder is better the canon vixia HF20 or the HF200 camcorder


The only real difference between the two is that the HF20 can record on internal flash or a memory card...

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Whats a great camcorder?

Im 15 and i want to buy a camcorder. I want something like a FS-200 If you have one, is it a good camcorder? if you don't have one then whats a great camcorder for less than $300 that has great quality, can take pictures and easy transfer to computers...


I recommend Canon DC310 DVD Camcorder with 37x Optical Zoom http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00114L...

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