What's a good pair of all mountain twin tip skis?

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What are a pair of good all-mountain twin tip skis?

Up until now I have been skiing mostly all mountain, with occasional jumps, but I'm looking into getting into some park skiing. I'm at the lower end of advanced (I can ski ...show more


There are tons of choices, a couple to consider would be the volkl bridge or the K2 public enemy, both...

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Can I get all-mountain twin tip skis?

I want to get a pair of skis that I can use in the park but also use for carving all over the mountain. Are there any skis I can use for this?


Yes. Just about every ski manufacturer makes a twin tip all mountain ski.

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All Mountain twin-tip skis?

Hi Im 15 years old and looking for a new pair of skis. I would like a pair that are twin tips but don't handle like a noodle on all Mountain. I am not really interested in park ...show more


look into the soloman lord skiis good for what you want to do

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What is the difference between twin tip skis and normal all-mountain downhill skis?

I am an advanced-intermediate skier and I'm going to purchase a new pair of ski's for the upcoming season. I have not tried twin tips, but they seem very popular and also look ...show more


If you never plan to ride backwards, you don't need twins. 99% of the people that own them can't answer...

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Twin tip all mountain skis help?

ok i'm like 6'1"ish and i'm looking for a pair of good twin tips that are good for all mountain stuff but are also decent in the park, but more for the mountain. ...show more


I would reccomend salomon 1080s. ive never skied them but im lookin at buyin a pair and my friend has...

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Do twin tip all mountain skis do well on ice?

I am looking at a pair of Volkl Gotama Jr 128's and a pair of Atomic Nomad Jr 120's, and where I ski, we have hard, dense snow with a fair bit of ice. I was wondering what ...show more


ok. both the skis you cited are very specific. Meaning that they are designed for one area, and whatever...

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Whats a good kind of twin tip skis that are good for everything?

Right now I have Line afterbangs but I want to get a pair that are more for all mountain, some park and powder. I don't want something that's made for powder but that will ...show more


salomon 1080 and twenty twelve, armada el ray, line croinic, bluehouse MR, rossi s4, armada tanner hall...

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Want to buy a pair of 2009 twin tip skis?

I tried park skiing for the first time this past winter by renting fischer addicts and want to progress more. I am an experienced all mountain skier, have been skiing for 9 years but ...show more


i would prefer the line chronic or line anthem or another personal fav is the simon dumont all sick...

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Whats the best twin tip for all mountain skiing?

looking for a pair of twin tips for east coast skiing, most on-piste corduroy skiing but with traditional camber for carving. i spend 100% of my time out of the park but want to be ...show more


Check out moment skis!! They have great twin tips like their Reno jib or Reno rocker they run a wide...

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What skis should I get?

Hey, I'm looking for a new pair of skis. I either want all mountain skis or twin tip freestyle skis. Right now, i don't care about the brand or size. Also, don't answer ...show more


I am more into freestyle so I would recommend twin tips. Even if you only go to the terrain park half...

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