What's the PH of human body?

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pH of water is 7 (neutral)... and the pH of the human body is ~7.3 (although depending on where in the...

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Does altering the PH levels higher than 7 in drinking water good for the human body?

Recently I was approached by a friend who was claiming a machine he sells can alter the PH levels of drinking water. The claim is PH of 8.5 to 9.5 cleanses the body and is healthier for you. Is this true and if so, how do you do it without his expensive...


I doubt it will work. Raising the pH of water to that level is just making it 'hard water'. Hard water...

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Vegas shows??? ez 10pt human body's posing whats it called ?

whats that show called the one with dried up human body's in Vegas its like a gallery


Bodies The Exhibition at Luxor

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How is PH important in the human body?

specifically in regards to what you eat and how it affects the PH of your blood/the effectiveness of the immune system?


yes very

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Just courious...whats the biggest mussel on the Human Body?

what is the biggest mussle on the Human Body?


skin is the biggest organ. I figure the trapezious that goes across your back is the biggest muscle.

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Whats a good song to learn to remember the muscles and bones of the human body?

i need to learn the muscles and bones of the human body(not all of them, but major ones) its for year 11 by the way, and i dont no any way of remembering it, are there any songs? or techniques? i would like it if someone that did year 11 pe could give...


the only bone song I know is dem bones but i don't think that song will help you that much

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Whats the usage of measuring human body cell voltage?

experimenters measure the cell voltage using some techniques such as voltage,current,patch clamp.why do they do this? whats the usage of this measuring?


Every cell has a potential difference (voltage) across its membrane, due to the relative distribution...

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Abortion debate - whats this "Its MY body" BS?? - get ready for a fight....?

Anyone who claims that "MY body, MY choice" $hit when it comes to abortion..... As long as its YOUR body that ends up rotting in a land fill under a pile of medical waste, then fine, it is your decision, but last time I checked it was your...


If more people knew what abortion really was about, I think they would be angry. It is not as much about...

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How can I know what the ph level of my body is?

I have been very sick. I have been detoxing and doing all sorts of treatments for two years now. They are all natural, they are raising my oxygen levels in my body (ozone), and my diet is alkaline. On the days I do treatments and detoxifying the PH level...


Probably because your body was fine before. The body is very good at maintaining this thing called ...

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Ph of body fluids?

What are the different body fluids and their pH values? what is the implication if the pH value of a body fluid is too far from its normal range? define pH imbalance and the ...show more


We're not doing your homework.

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