What's the best camera/video recorder for me?

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Whats a good video recorder/camera?

im trying to find out some info online but there's is so many out there ...going to give it as a gift..oh by the way ..difficult I know but it must be around or under $500


HD Camcorders and DSLR Cameras interpolate the video, which means of every 25 frames of video, 4 or...

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Whats the difference between a hdd dvd recorder and a dvd recorder, and a dvd recorder with upscaling + more!!?

also does any one know when a blu ray dvd recorder will come out, when a blu ray dvd rw will come out, if there is a hd dvd recorder out there and if there is a hd dvd rw out there. ...show more


HD DVD Recorder record HD programming into HD form, and most likely only use Blu Ray or HD DVDs to record...

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Whats wrong with my DVD recorder?

i recently bought a DVD recorder and recorded a show from my TV..the recorder burned it on to my DVD-R. But i cant watch the burned disc on any other DVD player except for my recorder. whats up with that? please help...


On mine (Emerson), I have to record in 'video' mode, not VR. Also, the disk must be 'finalized' before...

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Whats a good digital voice recorder to take personal notes?

Hi, I am a guy that forgets allot of good things I come up with and I am not really organized when it comes to written material. I need a digital voice recorder that has an internal battery, can connect to the computer and transfer the recordings easily...


When you say you want to connect to your computer, what is your intention? If you want to copy the audio...

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Whats the best hookup to use from hd dvd recorder to hd plasma?

hi i am wondering what would be the best way to hook up my hd 42" samsung plasma tv to my hd lg dvd recorder 5.1 cinema surround sound system.should i use the thick scart cable provided because i know i will get that lovely 5.1 channel surround...


It sounds like you are talking about an integrated surround system with a DVD recorder built in. If...

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Whats Better for a ps3- Dazzle dvd recorder Or Turtle beach px21?

My birthday is comming up and i want to no whats better to get. For those who dont no what Dazzle dvd recorder is, its a device that records game-play PLEAS HELP ME


Go with the Turtle Beach. Great birthday present and it will totally improve your gaming experience...

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Whats a good game recorder for my laptop?

im feeling like recording a little minecraft, and im wondering whats a good quality screen recorder that wont slow up my laptop too much. I tried using FRAPS, but....i was recording at 2 fps. Any suggestions?


Camtasia is a desktop screen recording program, it's not suitable for game recording. To record the...

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Whats a good pvd recorder for xbox?

Whats a good but cheap recorder thing for xbox so i can record my mw3 gameplay ..and where can i get it?


You may even check out AVERMEDIA C281 Game Capture HD Record Capture HD Gameplay in 1080i,Work without...

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Whats up with my digital recorder?

i have a tascam dp-01fx.... i got it about six years ago and i took it out agian for the first time because i got back in recording music. now when i turn it on it says please wait for about 2 hours then says no HDD found please turn system off. what...


Either the HDD has corrupted, or the CMOS battery has died, forgetting it has an HDD.

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Whats a good recorder to put in house, to 'spy' on boyfriend?

I'm over my boyfriend having 'secret' conversations with my roommate...she is supposedly talking to him about her boyfriend, going to him for advice...well she shouldn't be talking to him all the time...and why is it 'secret' from me? I just want a small...


Puting recorders means you don't trust him and when there is no trust there is no relationship. talk...

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