What's the best camera/camcorder brand?

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Whats the best camera/camcorder brand?

Looking for a decent camera/camcorder to record & take good quality pics, only spending £70 whats the best brand out of Nikon, Vivitar & FujiFilm or any other suggestions?


Definitely not Vivitar!!! Nikon is good, also Fuji, Sony, Canon, Pentax, Panasonic. Make sure the model...

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Whats a good name for a swimwear brand?

Whats a good name for a swimwear brand? For school i have to design a logo for a swimwear brand, everyone was given a metal/stone as a brand name. you can re-arrange the letters of ...show more



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Whats your favorite cigarette brand? whats the best?

if you dont smoke, just dont answer.. if you do, then whats your favorite brand to smoke? -mine is captain black sweets, but they are expensive $1 per one..


Marlboro Lights

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Whats the lowest price a NEW GeForce 8800GT can be sold for brand new before it reaches its end of life cycle?

This is probably more of an economics question than anything. Whats the lowest price a manufacturer can sell a GeForce 8800 GT 512MB videocard and still make a decent profit before the series reaches its end-of-life cycle. Im tired of buying computer...


Well as long as there is technology then the "leading edge" will always be costly. Then as...

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Whats your favorite CHEAP makeup brand!? ill tell you mine.. bet you shocked at the price and quality ;)

ELF ! its awwweeesome. they have the elf brand everything is $1.00!!! studio brand is only $3.00 and their minerals are only $5.00 its such a good deal and its acutally reallly awesome product, i went to school for skin care and worked at a few high...


tragic attempt at masking your marketing/spamming advertisements. i will never buy your makeup. know...

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Whats a good omega 3 brand?

hi, im 16 and looking for a well name and trusted omega 3 brand, i know i can take it but im not sure which brand is trusted. I heard xtendlife is a good choice but im not sure you can get that in the US. i really dont know a good brand, was thinking...


Hi, I've been recommending Vegepa omega-3 fish oil supplement for some time now, as I am convinced it...

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Whats Your Fave Brand & Why?

i was havin this debate with my friends and they told me what their fave brand was but none of them could tell my exactly why. i wanna know what brand is the best and why???it could be any brand eg;sports,clothes,phones


Nike ftw in clothes, because the shoes are so stylish In mobiles nokia would be best brand, especially...

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In Nashua NH the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble had some really nice gourmet teas. Whats the brand?

Not Tazo, but another brand. (not republic of tea either). The brand was two letters, but we cant remember which two! Any ideas? The brand had lots of nice sounding flavors. help!


Hmm. I seem to remember them selling something like H&S or Harney& Sons or something like that...

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Whats a good brand of dog food to feed?

We feed our 4 dogs(and cats) Chicken Soup brand dog food. Its a good quality food, not too expensive, and our animals do great on it. However the company that makes it(the same company that makes Wellness, Taste of the Wild and other good foods) has...


Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstewpetfood.com Free range anitbiotic/hormone free meats Human Grade Only...

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Whats that surf shark brand? Help?

So, im trying to find this surf brand I love, but I cant remember the brand name! I know the brand label thing is a cute little fat shark (i think by the name of Sharkie) holding a ...show more


never heard of it and i have been a surfer for 8 years. i am 16. maybe it a local shop or something...

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