What's the best brand of extreme cold weather gloves?

Let’s learn what's the best brand of extreme cold weather gloves. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What are the best brand of gloves for cold weather motorcycling?

I have full leather gloves with polar-tec inserts, but anything under about 45 degrees and my hands freeze at 60+mph. I tried some ski gloves, but while they were SUPER warm when still, the wind just blew through them like cheesecloth. I need a brand...


I've got a pair made by Roadgear. Very light in weight and surprisingly thin. I cannot believe how warm...

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Whats the best brand or most warmest gloves you can buy for newcomer to toronto can you get hypothemia ?

Looking for the best gloves high quality in terms of warmth that I can buy in toronto? If say you wear not very warm gloves incorect gloves could you get hypothermia or worse?Read the ...show more


Unless you are working outside all the time or you will have a long wait at the bus a couple of times...

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Good, cold weather, sailing gloves?

I sail (race) in cold NE weather, and right now the gloves I have do nothing. I need durable, warm gloves. Any recommendations are appreciated, whether it be a brand or actual glove.


http://www.waterproofgloves.net/ Sealskinz are great, youll just have to choose between the warmth of...

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Whats it like in denmark?

Hello im just wondering whats it like in Denmark & ill ask a series of questions below and please do your best to answer i would appreciate it (these questions arnt meant to be racist) what are the houses food bakery's and TV's like? and can i maybe...


Fun questions! I'll try to take them on in order. 1) Everything in general is cozier, much more professionally...

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Which are the best brand of wet weather golf gloves?

looking to purchase a pair of quality wet


Rather than a pair I would by at least 2 gloves for the same hand for play in the wet,so you can swap...

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Whats the Most well-known brand for..?

Italian Driving Gloves? Like the Louis Vuitton of driving gloves.



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Whats the weather like were you live?

am in newcaslte uk amd its bloody freezing am sooooooo cold i got my gown over the top of my clothes. and sitting next to the heater. might put my hat and gloves on next lol. but the weather is sunny but windy.


Snowed here last night and I see the houses over the road from me have had some of the tiles blown off...

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Whats the weather like in March?

Im going for a class trip, just like everyone else! I am not from a place where it gets cold (at all) so I dont know what to expect. will i need a thick jacket? uggs? gloves? scarf? keep in mind i get cold easily. whats the temp range?


Well, this is my suggestion as March can be anything. This year we are told will be a harsh winter....

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Wearing rubber gloves?

I was wondering if anyone goes out to town or out for the day in household rubber gloves? If so whats you favourite brand and colour?


Yellow marigolds. Does it for me!

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Women out there do you ware household rubber gloves for cleaning and whasing up?

whats the best household rubber gloves you can get if you ware them what brand are they and what colour are they and what size are you and how do you take urs off


I don't, but the ladies who are the cleanliness inspectors on TV wear Marigolds. The gloves are yellow...

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