What's the differences between an official and regular passport?

Let’s learn what's the differences between an official and regular passport. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Whats the Body & light differences btwn the regular S class Mercedes benz and the AMG S class Mercedes benz?

im going to buy a mercedes benz, anywhere between the years of 2007 and 2012 and i want to know whats the body differences between the regular s550s and the AMG ones, besides the speed and performance. I just want to know is there really a major difference...


Bandit is (as usual) on target, but I'd like to add a bit more. AMG comes standard with the PII package...

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My boyfriend wants a European passport, whats the easiest way to get it?? Business setup or marry a foriengner?

Now it happens so that we r Indians..but really broad open minded ones..My boyfriend is really ambitious and he wants 2 setup his business in Europe, U.S, OR U.K and most specifically he is focusing on Germany as he just went there last month and has...


I guess if he has any chance at all, he should do it over a business visa. Casinos are highly restricted...

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Whats better a Medical Administrative Assistant or an Medical Assistant? Or whats the differences?

I want to do Medical Administrative Assistant online, but very time I type in Medical Administrative Assistants jobs for my hometown (Oklahoma City) it always pops up with Medical Assistants; and that's not what I'm wanting. I want to know whats the...


Admin assistants typically become office managers and deal with the paperwork and office work of a hospital...

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Whats the difference between SEXISM and gender DIFFERENCES exactly?

Whenever I point out gender differences I'm called SEXIST. But whenever I point out hypocrisy in feminism and show examples of feminist SEXISM I'm told that feminists are just taking gender differences into account! Wah?? Last I checked... feminists...


The answer is simple: Gender differences are anything that makes a woman feel good about being a woman...

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Spanish help,whats the differences between these words?

differences between "bondadosa","simpatica" and "amable"... they all mean kind and..,but whats the differences between them?and when to use which one..?


bondadosa is a person that like to give to other persons is a person that is not worry for give this...

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Whats the differences between "suru" and "masu" form in Japanese language?

I got this Japanese course book called Living Language Japanese Course Book The basics from Amazon. its not a very good book, its the size of a dictionary lol. I didn't know till I received it at home. Anyway the book is totally different from my school...


Wow! Big question, so let's get right to it ;) Self-learning Japanese is VERY difficult, but finding...

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A passport problem(ages differences)?

My mom wants to get out our passport(daughters) but in her passport birth have less ages and she was wondering if she could change it and how could she change it PLZZ HELP


tell her go tothe court house and have it changed she can do it.

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Whats the difference between a state university and regular university?

Why are some schools like UCLA (University of California los angeles) and other schools are called CSUN (Cal State Northridge)? Whats the differences between state and regular(besides ...show more


A state university is partially funded by the state, hence the name.This is why 'out-of-state' tuition...

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In sociology are inequalities and differences the same thing? If not, whats the difference?

I'm doing an asessment about how differences and inequaliites are created on UK streets...the only problem I have with it just now is that I keep coming up with the same answers for both differences and inequalities. I'm sure there is a difference though...


Differences = different social groups (i.e. race, gender etc) Inequalities = unequal distribution amongst...

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Whats the main differences between living in the USA and Australia?

everybody says there is so many differences between country's, is this true, what are the main differences exept for money?


The culture I think is the biggest difference. The people in Oz are much more friendly, laid back and...

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