What's the use of Deterministic Regular Expressions?

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What's the best way to use Regular Expressions on a text file?

Since Regular Expressions seem to accept only string, the most common way to search a file is either by reading it to a single string or by reading each line in turn. The problem is that with big files you either hold a huge string in memory or killing the GC with very large amount of strings that are created, used and left for garbage collection. Does anyone know of a better way to access this problem?


The 'best' way depends on your needs. And you won't 'kill' the GC with a large number of strings that...

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What is the proper use of / \ ? and + in Regular Expressions?

In Google Analytics, the use of regular expression enables goal and funnel tracking where the URL varies. To do that, all the steps need to use regular expressions. Is this accurate for the homepage? \.com?\/$ OR \.com+\/$ ? or plus and I'm also curious...


Here's the documentation for the Google Analytics Regular expressions. It's what you'd expect, but I...

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What type of regular expressions? You need to be more specific.

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MATLAB: How can I use regular expressions to collect a list of variable names that satisfy a particular pattern?

I have a set of variables in my workspace. I want to use regular expressions regexp to get the name of the variable names that match a particular pattern.


Building on another answer: % Gets variables from current workspace. listOfVarNames = whos; % Use strfind...

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How do you Use Wild-card in javascript for regular expressions. (10pt for anyone that answers)?

I am trying to use wild-card for my particular javascript file that contains regular expression code and functions. can anyone link my to an online tutorial or give me deep detailed information on how to use wild-card in javascript. Heres my code below...


http://www.learn-javascript-tutorial.com… http://www.regular-expressions.info/

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How can I use replace in Notepad++ using Regular expressions?

I have a list of over 500 alpha numeric combinations. I can use find to to find the items 5 characters in length by searching for ".*.*.*.*.*" (exclude quotations). However, I want to do a find and replace where I can keep the original alpha...


I don't see a replacement string option in Notepad++. I did get this to work with the online application...

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What are most interesting (crazy) use cases of regexes (regular expressions)?

I recently read this article Battlecode: MIT's longest-running hardcore programming competition and was really impressed with the way regex were used to encode Dijkstra's algorithm. That got me wondering about people who have use regexes in interesting...


I don't know if this is crazy per se, but many people probably don't realize that Emacs's syntax highlighting...

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Stand back! I don't understand regular expressions

How do I use regular expressions to express "at least one of each of these, but not necessarily in this order"? I'm working on setting password verification for a website (ASP .NET, if it matters), but I can't wrap my head around the regex...


Look into using something like (?=\w*[a-z]) to check for at least one lower case letter; you can string...

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What specifically makes Perl superior for regular expressions?

I've frequently heard peers say that Perl is "good when you need to use regular expressions". Whenever I ask how or why Perl is better than other scripting languages for writing regular expressions, I never get a specific answer.


1. Perl has regex built directly into the language. Other programming languages need a module/library...

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If i fill my tank with half premium unleaded and half regular, will it cause any harm to my car?

i have a 2002 beetle and i always use premium cause... well i dont know but... its expensive here! $3.40 for premium, but only 2.99 for regular unleaded. i was gonna wait till my tank ran awefully low to start it all on regular, but i have to leave for...


Unless specified by the manufacturer, premium is only going to make a difference if you are running...

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