What's the point of a TV tuner in a PC?

Let’s learn what's the point of a TV tuner in a PC. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by pcworld.com.

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TV Tuners for Your PC | PCWorld

The cheapest way to record TV shows with your PC is to use a TV tuner--either an internal ... TV Tuners for Your PC. 1 ... Home Theater; Box; Shop What is ...


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Does anyone know where I could get a free download for PVR? (TV recording)I have a TV tuner installed on PC...

I have TV tuner installed on this PC, but would love to record some cartoons for the grandkiddies. So I need a program that recognizes that I have TV input (TV Tuner) and can record from it. Can anyone point me to something that might work?...I am hoping...


Id try the Hauppauge Video decoder at http://www.hauppauge.com/ But you will also need to know what...

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If I watch CD/DVD on TV, do I have to pay license fee in UK? And if I watch TV on PC with TV tuner card then?

What are the ways for avoiding TV license and watching TV. I dont like BBC. If I watch regional chanels on my satelite and dont watch BBC then also I have to pay license fee? I hope you understood my point.


If you can prove you only watch DVDs or videos, then you shouldn't have to pay for a licence. There...

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Well if its a laptop, you can watch tv anywhere...like at work...and you can use your pc as a dvr

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TV Tuner Cards help!?

I've been doing a lot of research with TV Tuner cards recently. Specifically, I'm looking at getting a USB Tuner stick, just because of the low price point and easy installation(I'm 95% positive I've used up all my PCI slots!). Where I get lost is in...


I can probably help, I have some experience with this, but need to know if you have a coaxial cable...

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HDTV Tuner Card?

I would like to use my PC as a PVR. I am basically looking for something that can replace a regular DVR and record HD shows, and hopefully, it'll be compatible when I buy a new PC a year from now and still usuful even IF HD capture over the cable becomes...


Go with the MyHD or DIVCO card. Both are easier to work with than ATI's card. I have the ATI HDTV card...

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How do I get channels like ESPN and CNN to work on my TV Tuner?

I just bought a Hauppauge HVR-1600 TV Tuner for my Desktop PC. I really want to use it as a DVR for sports games which are mainly on ESPN. However, when I go through the set up and check "Analog TV via Set Top Box" it allows me to choose a...


Your cable box will only output the channel to which it is tuned. If you get the channels you want to...

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Whats the best HD TV/Monitor?

I'm going to college and I want a small 1080p tv or monitor for my dorm. I'd like to be able to run my xbox 360, laptop, and cable TV to it. (Not necessarily all at once). Preferably I want a TV or monitor thats good to game on, which probably means...


Samsung and Sony..still the best pictures out there...Ive owned all the brands and I still have a xbr...

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I have a dvr an i want to connect it to my pc an burn a dvd?

i have a direct tv dvr i want to connect it to my pc an have it play so i can record a show that is on it. i have a windows vista pc with single tv turner. how do i get it to show up on the screen of the tv tuner. an how would i record or copy whats...


think you can't play or record to pc. Can hook through vcr/videocamera/ other device.

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Tv tuners for a media center pc?

Whats the best tv tuner to get for a media center pc hooked up to a hd tv. The source will be digital cable. I would like to record at least two channels at the same time, even if i need two tuners. I will be running vista


Look no further my friend .... I use it myself & it is FLAWLESS ! Has 2 tuners built in : WinTV...

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