What should I expect at a Job interview?

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What should i expect for my first job interview?

I applied to dairy queen and they called and set up an interview with me for tomorrow. What should I expect? This is my first real job. And would it look good to wear my school uniform to show i go to a good school?


You should always dress one level above the job you're applying for. Maintain eye contact, smile occassionally...

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What to expect in a volunteer job interview?

I'd like to know what to expect in a volunteer job interview! What kind of questions do they ask you? I'm nervous I might fail an interview because I'll get stuck and nervous and end up not answering the question. Is there anything important I need to...


They ask - Why do you want to volunteer Why here with this nonprofit What do you know about this organization...

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What to wear on Chik-Fil-A job interview (girl)? WHat to expect... (My first interview)?

Okaay so I got a job interview for monday and I need to know what I need to wear to the interview so that I can look professional. Umm...what should I expect during the interview? ...show more


show a lot of cleavage. it always works.

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What to expect at 2nd job interview?

I'm 16 and I had my first ever job interview the other day at a casual restaurant. The first interview lasted only around 10 mins. She didn't ask many questions though. Just what days i'm available, why I applied for the position, what transport I would...


The first person was just screening the applicants. The next interview will be with the manager. If...

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What to expect at a group job interview?

What to expect at a group job interview? I applied at a movie theater and got an interview for thursday. this is my first interview im 15. My friend applied there and sadly did not get hired but she said it was a group interview. They asked her what...


Don't be nervous! :) be calm and be yourself. What the manager wants to see, is a person who is friendly...

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What to expect at a lifeguard and swim instructor job interview?

Hi! So, I'm a qualified NLS lifegaurd and swim instructor, I went to the screening and applied to this pool, who of which called back requesting an interview!! This is my very first job AND job interview so, I'm super excited, but nervous too. I was...


Just be yourself. From your application they will know it's your first job and expect you to be a little...

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Mcdonalds job interview today first job ever what should i expect?

i am 19 years old male. i am having a job interview later today with mcdonalds... what should i expect what should i ware, what should i bring in terms of I.D anything else.. ...show more


Step 1. Write a resume before the interview. Step 2. Walk in the interview room with confidence. Do...

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I have a job interview next monday for the first time! What can i expect to be asked?

Hi, i applied for a job at my local supermarket a few months ago and i recieved a call yesterday asking me if i was available for a interview, so it was arranged for next monday. This would be my first proper job as the only experience i have had is...


Dress smart/casual, Then just be friendly. They just ask you things like what you did at school, your...

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First Job Interview? What To Expect? (At Target)?

I have a job interview for Target coming up and it will be my first interview and hopefully first job and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect like questions that will ...show more


I would advise you not to let any company look at your social networking. That is private and none of...

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What should i expect to happen at a 2nd job interview?

i had a job interview at jc pennys, and now im going in again to have an interview with the store manager, is it a lot like the first job interview? will they ask me harder questions? ...show more


second interview is a good thing, so first of all have confidence because they already know they like...

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