What should I expect at a speech and developmental evaluation?

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What to expect at a speech therapy evaluation?

I took my 3 yr old son to the doctor today for a wellness exam. All was well, but the doctor asked if I wanted him to refer my son to a speech therapist. The doctor hadn't even asked me any questions about my son's speech. I told hm if he thought it necessary I would certainly do it. The doctor said that if there were any speech delays/problems it could really set him back in school/learning. I guess he told me this because he thought I was resistant to taking my son, which I am not. I was surprised...


You can google 3 year old speech development and you should get a good list But in general 3 year olds...

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Special Learning Disability--Written Expression and Speech or Language Impairment?

My son is 8 years old. Was held back in kindergarten and is now completing the first grade. This year they did an evaluation on him. Found him to be below average on just about everything but needing special help on written expression and speech impairment...


I am a speech-language pathologist and I am here to tell you that I have met some horrible parents,...

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What is the difference between a speech evaluation and a speech LD screen?

My son has a TBI and his speech evaluations say he has the speech/language capabilities of a 5yr old. When I requested he have speech in school the school evaluated him and said he does not qualify with scores of expressive/receptive mid 80's. But his...


I agree with jdeekdee in asking for an IEE (Independant Educational Evaluation) at public expense. First...

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What can i expect at the evaluation for bipolar disorder?

Hi.I am 24 years old.I have a mother who has suffered from bipolar disorder for years.She was the first person to notice a change in my moods and behaviour.She seen some of the signs and symptoms of bipolar in me.She told me that the illness can be genetic...


- Question about your family history. - Questions about your "manic" episodes. - Questions...

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During the Obama's State of the Union Speech next week, what can we expect from the new Teabagger Congress?

Last year we had Southern Confederate Joe Wilson yell "You Lie". We had Republicans being disrespectful, holding up signs. Now that there has been an installment of Teapublicans, who are more disrespectful toward the Presidency, what can we...


bwany fwank will be looking for his wittle lib boy toys!! Libs hate Wilson because he is honest and...

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What kinds of tests can i expect during an a.d.d evaluation?

i'm going for an a.d.d./a.d.h.d evaluation and i was wondering what to expect during this evaluation other than questionairs and interviews.


i just wanna say...the answers above are SPAM lol i clicked on this question because i wanna know too...

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What should I expect from a speech thrapist for a 2 year old with speech delay?

My son is 27months and does not speak. He has a speech therapist who sees him 1 hour twice a week, ans a development therapist who also comes twice a week for 2 hours. All his speech ...show more


In my experience (coursework in speech and language delays and working with a speech therapist in an...

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What can we expect from a pediatric psychological evaluation of our 7 year old?

What is involved in a pediatric physiological evaluation? I'm having my daugher screened, and her iQ tested. My neighbor recommended the one she used for her son, she said there would be 4 or 5 'sessions'. What can my daughter expect? What can we expect...


With our son He first took a series of tests for IQ, social skills, etc. They had me fill out papers...

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What to expect on a home evaluation?

I am having a home evaluation cause my ex wants one my home is perfect but I don't know what the people who are gonna do the evaluation are going to be expecting some people tell me that their clean freaks some people are telling me if I am super clean...


It depends on what the evaluation is for. Is it for child custody? If so, they will be looking for cleanliness...

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How to deal with a preschooler during a speech-language evaluation?

I'm a new student in speech-language pathology doing my first full evaluation. My client is 3 years old. I happen to be the one who screened her and remember that she's extremely shy and unwilling to cooperate. Any thoughts as to what I could do to ...


I'm also a speech language pathologist working with young kids. Congrats on getting to where you are...

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