What can I expect on a license test?

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What to expect and how to prepare for license test?!?

THIS IS NOT THE TEST FOR PERMITS! ITS THE REAL TEST FOR YOUR LICENSE!!! You know, where you drive with the instructor and you have to do the maneuverablility through the cones! Well, im taking that test tomorrow...And im really nervous. And I have a problem, when I get really nervous...I GO NUMB!!! I tingle, blank, and forget EVERYTHING! If I do this at the test...Im going to fail. Anybody have ideas on how to stay calm? Pay attention? And pass? I know you cant tell me how to pass because thats...


Instead of freaking out and stuff just pretend the instructor is your friend. Talk to your instructor...

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What can I expect on the driver's license test in California and what are the automatic fails???

I am going to be taking my behind the wheel test in about two weeks and i am gonna be 16 years old. what are the automatic fails and what can i expect for the test???


http://www.dmv.ca.gov/dl/dl_info.htm#exp… If you make a critical driving error (CDE), you will...

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What can I expect on my driver's license test?

How easy or hard is the behind the wheel driving test for a license? How long does it last? What types of manuevers will they ask me to perform? Any personal stories/experiences/tips would help and be greatly appreciated...I really want to pass! What...


On the written test you must know all the signs and what they all mean. You have to know what to do...

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Can anyone tell me what to expect at the Annapolis MD MVA for my Road Test for my Provisional License?

I'm taking my Road Test on February 24th and I wanted to know the atmosphere how the employees (the tester) are etc.


they are like any other people that have to deal with the public/(hint) dont get chummy) get in and...

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What can I expect when taking my Connecticut driver's license test?

This is my first time..what are they gonna ask me to do..tips, ideas?


first an eye test then the written it was 20 questions when i took it get an 80 % 16 of 20 take the...

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What to bring with & expect on PA driver's license test?

I'm 21 and tomorrow I take my driver's license test in Pennsylvania. Do I need to bring any forms, specific forms of ID, etc? Also, what should I expect from the test? Any hints, guidelines, walk throughs, personal experiences, would be SO HELPFUL! I...


You can confidently pass driving tests by watching these informative videos online: http://linkbee.com...

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What to expect during drivers license test in Chicago, IL?

I'm going to go take my driving test within the next few days, and I'm a little worried as to what I should be expecting. First off, I cannot parallel park. Each time I've done it, a person has stood on the curb and told me what to do. Is parallel parking...


well if you are a student...did you already take your written test in school? when i went to take the...

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What to expect on Connecticut Drivers License Test?

Well, I am thinking of taking the license test in a few weeks, but I really want to know what I should expect on the test. For my written test I have been practicing on a website ...show more


The site below is a pamphlet from Connecticut DMV: A Guide To Passing Your Driving Test.

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What should I expect during my Driver's License Test?

Hey :) I am taking my license test in a couple of days, and I was wondering what I should expect from it. What are they going to ask me? What are they going to ask me to do with ...show more


well obviously they are going to ask you to fck it what els would you do with a car... drive it??? who...

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What to expect on pa drivers license test?

what should i expect on my pa drivers license test? any advice?


When I got my license (quite a while ago, mind you), all I had to do for the road test was make a 3...

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